Farm report Bloomfontein June 4th

Brief Report on farm visit
Date of visit: 4th June 2015
Farm Name: Blomfontein Coenraad and Candice de Jongh
Number of cows: 300 jersey cows – all year round calving
Main observations:
 30 aside swing over HB shed
 Pasture plus 5 – 7 kg concentrate depending on production and maize silage along fence to
reduce pasture damage when wet
 3 women milking – 10 cups each – pre and post dip teats
 Very little lameness, but some white line and axial cracks
 Handling of cows on tracks and in milking parlour very, very gentle. Cows are unafraid of
handlers – totally voluntary cow flow and low pressure on track and in milking yard.
 Any cow with problems separated and fed close to the shed
Basically because the herding of the cows is so gentle nothing needs to be changed! However,
because of plans to increase cow numbers I suggest the following to help both your staff and cows
cope with longer milking times.
 Reshape the walkways for the 100 metres starting at the milking yard as described in the
notes from the large herds conference (base, camber, top layer, drainage)
 Your collecting yards together are well designed for one larger herd because jersey cows
need only 1.3 sq metres per cow.
 At the right angle bend on the exit race the cows walk down a slope. Cow flow round the
bend would be improved with 3 steps. Ideally the steps should be 80 cm long and a
maximum of 10 cm rise.
 The handling crush would be much more comfortable (and safer) for the cow and the
person treating with a simple modification Move the gate back so that the upright bar
behind the cow is 2100 mm from the head lock. Put a gate on both sides so that the left
foot is lifted to the left and the right foot to the right. A wide strap with a quick release
buckle at one end underneath the chest will support the cow that may go down during
 Rubber matting of the floor of the milking parlour would make longer milkings with the
larger herd so much more comfortable for the ladies.