Short Story Project Turn in five FACT Sheets from the list of short

Short Story Project
1. Turn in five FACT Sheets from the list of short stories we’ve read:
The Ransom of Red Chief
Pandora’s Box
The Treasure of Lemon Brown
The Lady or the Tiger?
Rules of the Game
The Snapping Turtle
2. Choose only one of the following options best suited for your talents:
Writing Option: First create a plot diagram for the story you have chosen. The plot diagram should include
details about the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Then extend the story. Imagine
and write an additional event for the story, working it into the existing plot (approx. 250 words)
Writing Option: Discuss an important symbol from one of stories. Explain why the symbol (object, color, sign,
etc.) is important, and what you believe it comes to represent in the story. Provide examples and details
(approx. 250 words).
Writing Option: Discuss either theme, irony, or tone in one of your short stories, explaining how it is used in the
story. Provide details and reasons to support your observations (approx. 250 words).
Online Storyboard/Comic: Using or create an online storyboard for one
of the short stories we’ve read. Re-imagine and re-create the story as you like. Be sure that the captions and
illustrations explain your new version of the story clearly, recording significant events with pictures. Your comic
strip or storyboard should contain a minimum of ten boxes. Each box needs to contain an illustration and
explanation. This option allows you to submit your work electronically.
TOTAL: 50 points
DUE: April 22