TV Commercial Checklist

TV Commercial Writing Checklist
Cover sheet: (stapled to your script and storyboard)
first and last name
assignment type
Course number
day/time of class
date of submission
Script Formatting (see 221-224)
Use formatting in sample on pp. 221-224
Use table with 2 columns to create double column
For grading purposes, please . . .
Storyboard Formatting (storyboard worksheet)
6-12 frames
camera directions and dialogue under each frame
For refresher on camera terminology, go to
Visual Story (Attention & Interest)
Would the commercial grab attention in the first few seconds? How?
How might it be more engaging?
Is the product/service idetntified by name early in the commercial?
Does the ad show the product or service “in action”?
How might it be more dramatic?
Do we see the USP (if there is one)? What is it?
What dramatic techniques are used in the ad? (e.g., slice of life,
narrator, humor, description, testimonial, endorsement, etc.)
Does the commercial target the audience you indicated?
What camera angles and scenes are incorporated?
Could there be more variety?
Does the commercial have one main message? What is it?
What copy motivator(s) are you using? (pp.72-73)
Are they appropriate for your target audience?
Does the ad focus on benefits rather than features?
Does the commercial show the package, or logo for services/companies.
Is the commercial persuasive?
Call to action
Is there a call to action? How is it shown?
Does the call to action support the goals and objectives of the commercial?
Is all needed information featured? (e.g., logo, phone #, address or locations,
web site address, etc.)