Pulmonary Embolism Focus Group Information

Interested in Shaping Clinical Research into Pulmonary Embolism ?
We are looking for members of the public to give their views at a focus group on a research
idea around the effects of exercise after a pulmonary embolism to investigate if it is safe and
A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in the pulmonary artery, the blood vessel that carries
blood from the heart to the lungs.
Why do we want to look at this?
Many patients who have suffered a pulmonary embolism suffer from a decrease in their
physical fitness and increase in breathlessness which can last for several years. Many patients
also report long term problems with returning to work and carrying out other routine activities
that they were able to do before suffering a pulmonary embolism. This can dramatically affect
patient’s quality of life.
In another patient group with lung and / or heart problems exercise has been shown to
dramatically increase people’s ability to function and increase quality of life. It is important to
investigate if these benefits are also demonstrated after a pulmonary embolism, and if exercise
in this patient group is safe. If this proves to be the case future patients would benefit from a
treatment that is safe and effective in addressing the effects of a pulmonary embolism on their
breathing, function, and quality of life.
What would be involved?
The initial focus group will help to design a study that will help us write an application for
funding. This will help make sure our study is appropriate and acceptable to patients who have
suffered a pulmonary embolism.
No preparation will be required prior to the meeting. The meeting will start with Matthew giving
an overview of the study that will provide all the information you require to start the initial
The meeting will run for approx. 2.0 hours and Matthew Cox the researcher along with Lydia
Harris and Dan Lawrence from the Clinical Research Office will be there to help ensure the
meeting runs smoothly. We are hoping to get at least 5 patients to attend the meeting. We will
write up the notes of the meeting that we will circulate to all attendees afterwards and we will
keep you informed on progress as Matthew develops his ideas.
There will initially be one meeting to discuss the research proposal but we would like a group
of patients to be involved going forward to help develop the application for funding and support
the application if the application is successful. These commitments will be discussed at the
focus group.
We will cover all reasonable travel expenses and provide refreshments.
Do I need any Qualifications?
No direct experience of being part of a research study is required. We just want enthusiastic
patients who either have pulmonary embolism, or have experience of caring/living with a
pulmonary embolism patient who are happy to talk in a small group
To find out more please contact Matthew Cox  0114 2715060 or e-mail matthew.cox@sth.nhs.uk