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Week 4
Term 3
Rahotu School Vision: “Keeping the Flames of Learning
Dear Parents/Caregivers and Community Members,
Mid-year Data analysis and tracking – Over the last few weeks our
teachers have been involved in ‘Data talk’ with regards to Reading, Writing
and Maths. This is an opportunity for teachers to discuss current student
progress and look at strategies for supporting and extending our students.
We are making steady progress and tracking towards our goals of achieving:
*70% At or Above National Standards in Reading – Currently at 65%
*65% At or Above National Standards in Writing – Currently at 53%
*70% At or Above National Standards in Mathematics – Currently at 63%
(Please note that the arrival of 11 new students have also been included within this data,
excluding this new group would obviously increase % across all curriculum areas.)
Parent Teacher interviews - As we are very aware of the time restraints
throughout the term due to farming commitments we have arranged for
school interviews to take place next Tuesday from 11.30 – 1.30pm. All those
that have requested a 15 minute interview have by now received a timeslot
as indicated in the letter sent home yesterday.
Year 7/8 – Rippa Rugby and Netball – Congratulations again to both our
Netball and Rippa Teams that played and won their games against TOKO at
Toko. Thank you to all of those that provided transport and support with
coaching the teams.
School Camps – We still have many students that have not returned their permission slips
to attend camp at the end of the year. We have sent these out again and would appreciate
if they could be returned by next Friday 28 August.
For those wanting to make weekly payments starting now - this works out at approximate
$20.00 per week for our TOPEC Camp and $6.00 per week for our KONINI Camp. These
payment options are available if organised through Mrs Wiringi in the office. End of Year
Camps are a great opportunity for our students to experience EOTC activities.
School attendance – Thank you to all of those that have met to discuss attendance of
your children. It is imperative we work together to support regular attendance and
eliminate any barriers for all. I will continue to contact parents accordingly.
Schoolwide Inquiry – Our Place in Space unit of work continues and talking to the
students across all classrooms there are many excellent examples of quality work being
achieved. Here’s a preview:
Room 5- Planet Search
Room 4 – Descriptive Sentences Room 3- Research Projects
Room 1 Astronauts
Room 2 Planet Artworks
Room 3 – Research Projects
Room 7 Hubble Images
And lastly… I have been chatting to parents about the announcement with regards to the
Fonterra pay out. Thank you to those that have discussed what this looks like and its
implications for our farming community. Our aim at school is to support your children - our
students. If we can support in any shape or form please drop in, phone or email. All
conversations will be treated with the upmost of confidentiality.
Recently I have also been contacted by Taranaki Rural Farm Support Trust and was made
aware of the Working for Families support that was available. I have included information
within the newsletter that may be of support.
Taranaki Rural Support Trust is part of a nationwide network established to assist rural
people during and following events that impact on their financial, mental and social wellbeing. We do this by providing or facilitating referrals to professional counselors, financial
advice and farm management expertise. Help can also include connection with a Rural
Supporter, farmers who understand the pressure and stress you may be facing.
One thing you can do now to improve your financial situation is to ring Inland Revenue 0800
227 773 and ask for Working for Families payments to become weekly instead of at the
end of the year. Base the income figure on 2015 as your income for 2016 will be less due
to the current economic climate. As an example income of up to $50000 would see you
entitled to $161 per week for two children and $225 for three children. Most Accountants
recommend you receive this money at year end to reduce any tax bill. However the money
is there as a family benefit and was designed by Governments to meet the costs of raising
a family - not for business tax reduction. If you need help or information like this please
contact Rural Support on 0800 787 254 or see your Accountant.
Marcia Paurini (BMS)
Co ordinator
Taranaki Rural Support Trust
0274 Marcia
0800 RuralHelp
Fostering and supporting the well-being of all Taranaki rural people
Kind Regards
Brigitte Luke
Notices: Coming Up…..
Assembly will be held on Friday 21 August at 2.15 pm – all welcome. Finally our FLAMES
of Achievement badges have arrived and these will be presented to Year 7/8 students.
Whakatika kia pai awards will also be presented.
Myah and Rahiripoho, our newly appointed head students will be running the assembly
for the first time.
Kapahaka has been postponed for the next three weeks due to the availability of our
tutors Matua Clive and Whaea Wharekoka. It will resume on Friday 5 September.
Transition day will be held on Thursday 5 November from 10.15 – 11.25 in Room One
with Miss Kylie Lashford
School Lunches can be ordered every Thursday morning by 9.00am. Please ensure your
child has their name, room number, items required and amount on the outside of an
envelope with the amount inside.
1. Calf and Lamb day. Thank you – all of our trophies have now been returned in
preparation for Calf and Lamb day, Week two Term four.
We are now taking registrations at school for Calf, Lamb and Goats. Please register your
animals at the office. Those that do by the end of the term, will go into a draw to win a
mystery prize.
Teachers are in the process of finalising activities to be produced both at home and at
school. We would like to encourage all families to utilise the school holidays to prepare.
This year those students that do not have an animal to care for will all be asked to create
a mask from recycled resources. All students will be given a blank mask in which students
can add to, paint, cut, glue and add materials accordingly. The aim is for all masks to be
able to be worn. Blank masks will be handed out prior to the Term 3 holidays.
Those students that have animals may also create their own masks as well. Use Google
images, there are many wonderful, inspirational ideas. Those that do not have access to
the internet can collect a A4 sheet of design ideas from Mrs Wiring in the office.
A big thank you to the following people who have also offered their time, at a very busy
time of year, to collect slink calves as part of this fundraiser. Students will benefit
through both the Home & School and Rahotu School Learn to Swim Programme. Thanks
Shelly and Karen for co-ordinating this.
18th August
Jan and Daryl Chard
Peter and Larissa
Barrett Family
20 August
Matt and Lou Thompson
Brian and Tina
Shelly and Mel
17th September
Shaun and Erin Ehrhorn
Craig and Kate Mclean
Ian and Sue Phillips
5. School Cross Country - Wednesday 2 September at 1.15 pm. If you are able to
help with marshalling for our cross country please send in the form from last weeks
newsletter, or ring the office to let us know. Thanks
5. Mountain to Surf Zone Cross Country 2015 - This event will be held on:Thursday 17 September 2015 No Postponement Day—Event will be held rain / hail or
shine at the Manaia Domain – Children are selected for this event from our school cross
country. A notice will be sent home with more information about this event when the
children have been selected.
6. Scholastic Book orders – Book orders will need to be back at school by Wednesday 2nd
September. Please make all cheques out to SCHOLASTIC.
Congradulations to...
Milton Helms who has been selected for the Taranaki Country Basketball Under 13 Boys
Team – Well done Milton!
Welcome to...
Lydia Helms is our newest 5 year old starting today. Lydia joins her brother Ben
Happy Birthday to…
Lydia Helms 20 August Ruby Helms 20 August Olivia Phillips 22 August
Josh Allan 23 August Kyla Erueti 24 August Ross Ngaia 24 August
T J Phillips 25 August Carley Wooldridge 25 August
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