Organic Molecule Summary and Who am I

Organic Molecule Summary
1. All organic molecules contain the elements ______________ and _______________
2. A polymer is made of many sub units called _________________________________.
3. Name the 4 categories of organic compounds in your body:
a. ____________________ c. _____________________
b. ____________________ d. ____________________
4. The monomer of a carbohydrate is called a (MONO, DI, or POLY)saccharride,and an example is
5. The monomer of a protein is a(n) __________________. There are ______ different types of these monomers.
6. The monomer of a nucleic acid is called a _______________________, which has 3 parts: _________________,
___________________________, ____________________________.
7. The monomers of lipids are ____________________________ and _____________________________.
8. The two energy source polymers are lipids and ____________________________.
9. The polymer used as building material in your body is a _____________.
10. The atoms of BOTH carbohydrates and lipids are _______, _________, and ________.
Organic Molecules: Who Am I?
1. I am made of C, H, and a few O atoms. Examples include fats and oils. I am used in cell membranes. Who am I?
(Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid) _________________________________________
2. I am a. ENZYME, which is used to speed up chemical reactions. These reactions occur during digestion,
synthesis of molecules, and the release of energy. Who am I?
(Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid)________________________________________
3. I am a classification of carbohydrates (recall there are 3 classifications of carbohydrates) called simple sugars.
Examples include glucose and fructose. Who am I?
(Mono, Di, or Poly)saccharride ________________________
4. I am made of C, H, O, N, and sometimes S. I am made from amino acids. I am important in muscle contraction,
transport of oxygen, and immunization. Who am I?
(Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid) _____________________________________
5. I am an element found in all organic compounds. I have 4 electrons in my outer orbital. Who am I?
(Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, or Nitrogen) ___________________________________
6. I am made from nucleotides. I store information in a special code. Examples are RNA and DNA. Who am I?
(Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid)______________________________________
7. I am a classification of carbohydrates made from several monosaccharide sub-units. Examples include starch,
glycogen, and cellulose. Who am I? (Mono, Di, or Poly)saccharride ___________________________________
8. I am a macromolecule that contains C, H, and O in a ratio of 1C: 2H: 1O. Which of the 4 types of organic
compounds am I? HINT: C6H12O6 fite the ratio!
(Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid)_________________________________
9. I am the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different kinds of me. I am linked by peptide bonds. Who am
I? (Monosaccharride, glycerol, fatty acid, amino acid, nucleotide) _______________________________
10. I am made of two monosaccharides linked together. Examples of me are maltose, sucrose, and lactose. What
classification of carbohydrate am I?? (Mono, Di, or Poly)saccharride ________________________