Galaxy Guided Notes- Print and staple in notebook

Think, Write, Pair, Share
What do you already know about galaxies?
Galaxies are made of stars
Galaxies are large
Galaxies are smaller than the universe
When we look out into the night sky what may look like a single star
could be an ____galaxy_________________________.
Galaxies are huge rotating collections of _______gas__,
dust_____________, billions of _____stars________, __planets___________
and other _________objects____________________.
Our Galactic home is the _____________Milky Way_________ galaxy.
The Milky Way contains more than ____________200 billion___________
stars, including our Sun.
You can see the Milky Way galaxy without any telescopes!
All you need is a clear night sky.
The Milky Way appears like an arch of light in the night sky.
The Milky way is very large – __________100 million light years __________________ across.
Our Sun is _______________30 million light years___________ from the center of the galaxy, which is
good because we want to stay far away from the ______________black hole
_____________________ at the center of our galaxy.
Black Holes
Black holes are thought to be at the center of galaxies. These are extremely _______dense______
quantities of matter in space. They have such strong
______________gravity______________________ that nothing – not even _________light____ – is fast
enough to escape.
Black holes are made when a star that is ________30 times________ heavier than the Sun dies and
leaves a core that is so massive that it ______collapses___________ under its own
Galaxies also contain _______________star clusters___________.
Star clusters are groups of stars that develop together from the same _______nebula________ (a
star nursery – full of gas).