Needs Assessment Action Plan

Region 7
Local Needs Assessment Action Plan 2014-2015
Needs Assessment Goal:
Promote the academic, social and inter-personal communication of enrolled migrant students from PK through 12 th Grade for
success and on-time graduation according to the Statewide Delivery Plan and Comprehensive Needs Assessment.
Needs Assessment Objective:
Teachers and migrant contacts will look at all grade levels of Data, Local and State Assessments, Course History, Grades, and credits
to ensure success of the migrant student and to address their individual needs.
Evidence of Need
Staff Responsible
Method of Evaluation
Pre-School (age 3-5)
Enrolled students or
Within the first 60 days
District Migrant Contact ESC Evaluation Form,
Assessment of readiness home based contact
of school for enrolled
Campus Administrator
Early Childhood
(books, activities,
Classroom Teacher
Checklists, Circle E, DRA
Stepping Stones, parent Serve as of DOB for 2
Region 7 Migrant
Levels, or Teacher
year olds turning 3
Formative Evaluations
1 to 2 Grade
TPRI, Tejas Lee, DRA
Academic Mastery of
EOY Assessment and/or End of School Year
Classroom Teacher,
Levels, STAR
Basic Skills
Campus Administrator,
Assessments, Universal
District Migrant Contact Screeners, or Local
State Assessment
Number of students not Accelerated Instruction
Throughout the school
Campus Administrators, Progress Monitoring
passing state
during the school day,
Classroom Teachers,
Data, State
extended day and/or
District Administrators,
Assessments, Data
Grades 3-11
summer school; RtI
District Migrant Contact Disaggregation Reports,
Process and
Middle School Students
Beginning of school year District Migrant Contact, Student Data, Report
Academic and NonIncreased awareness of or upon enrollment of
Classroom Teachers,
Cards, Test Scores,
Academic Challenges
staff regarding migrant
migrant students and
Campus Principal,
Benchmarks, Progress
student academic and
on-going throughout the District Administration,
Monitoring, Discipline
non-academic needs
school year
Counselor, Social
Reports, Parent
Workers, Region 7
Contacts, RtI Process,
Migrant Contact
Region 7
Local Needs Assessment Action Plan 2014-2015
Middle School Students
Parents of Middle
Parent Involvement
School Migrant Students Conference
Increased awareness of
parents regarding
migrant student
academic and nonacademic needs
Parental Support
At all levels of
Utilize electronic
participation and
communication for
information meetings,
local organizations,
and/or school facilities
High School Students
Computer Assisted,
Credit Accrual
Provide a Family Needs
Assessment to
determine the needs of
the student-medical,
school supplies or
Ongoing throughout the
school year and summer
home visits
District Migrant
Contacts, Campus
Administrators, Parent
Ongoing throughout the
school year
District Migrant Contact, Increased Parental
Counselors, Campus
Involvement, Sign-In
Administrators, Social
Sheets, Activity Rosters,
Workers, Classroom
Teachers, Translators
Ongoing throughout the
school year
Classroom Teacher,
Campus Administrator,
District Migrant Contact
Ongoing throughout the
school year
Phone Log, Home Visit
Log, PAC Agenda and
Sheets,
Transcript, On Tract to
Graduate, STAAR, EOC,
NGS Reports, End of
Course Evaluation
District Migrant Contact, Completed Family
Classroom Teacher,
Needs Assessment
Campus Administrator