Action Plan
Issue: Waste management
The students will participate in a pack a no-waste lunch day once a week. This means a meal that
does not end up in the bin. Students will be encouraged to use reusable lunch boxes/bag and fill
with lunches put into reusable containers rather than wrappers. This daily event cane be entitled
“Wrap free Wednesday”.
Outcome: To build awareness of the waste involved in packed lunches. To decrease amount of
waste the school produces due to wrappers used in student lunches.
Project management
Teachers to provide support and encouragement. Student environmental council to promote the
weekly event around the school. Speak at assemblies, do a talk to each classroom or have
environmentally friendly promotional posters and materials around the school. Environmental
council can appoint lunch time monitors on the Wednesday to keep an eye on whether students
are participating.
Time frame
Ideally start in term 2 as term 1 can be about
promoting and ensuring it is going to be a
success for the following term. Once it is
established in term 2 it can continue as a
yearlong program.
Student council will need access to resources to
create environmentally friendly Wrapper free
Wednesday promotional posters etc.
With teacher guidance and support this project
will be undertaken by the environmental
student council. School administration can
assist in promoting the program in school
Monitoring procedure
Reduction in litter and waste, students will be
appointed as lunch time monitors to see if the
project is effective.
Action Plan
Issue: Waste management
The school will have recycle bins brought in to ensure the school is disposing of waste by recycling in
a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
Outcome: To build awareness of responsible waste management through recycling within the
school. Become an environmentally friendly school.
Project management
Teacher’s to provide support and encouragement to ensure classes within the school are
aware of the correct rubbish disposable and recycling system within the school. The school
could implement a colour coding waste bin system. Which provides school staff and students,
with a clear, permanent reminder to dispose of waste correctly. For example green bins for
paper and yellow for plastic.
Time frame
Term 1 the new rubbish system can be
introduced to staff and students and become
an ongoing program.
Colour coded rubbish bins and promotional
materials to put around the school and in
individual classrooms to promote recycling.
The ground keeper at the school can assist with
emptying bins etc, teachers to promote
recycling with their classrooms and educate
students on the issue and student
environmental council to promote and be
involved in promoting recycling within the
Monitoring procedure
Colour cod
measure levels of waste and recycling. Grounds
keeper ad teachers can keep updates on
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