Service Definition

Methods - EpheSoft Intelligent Document Scanning Cloud Consulting Services –
An overview of the G-Cloud Service (functional, non functional);
Ephesoft is an Open Source document capture solution that integrates with
Alfresco using CMIS. Ephesoft supports Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
and works with a number of engines such as the Open Source Tesseract
(originally from HP Labs) or commercial offerings such as OpenText RecoStar.
Ephesoft can work with existing capture software, web scanning with TWAIN
sources, or MFD/MFPs or network scanners that can store scans as PDF or TIFF
in a folder. Ephesoft allows you to:
 Scan or import documents from virtually any source such as fax and email with one application
Process your documents that are currently stored in other repositories
Utilize any existing hardware whether it is a departmental
document scanner, high-speed production scanner or MFP
Functionality includes:
 Bar Code Reading
Fixed Forms Extraction
Mark Sense and Handprint Recognition
PDF + text output
Free Form “unstructured” extraction
Fuzzy Database document matching
Ixxus are a platinum Ephesoft partner and have enabled the integration between
Alfresco and Ephesoft.
The Ephesoft product benefits are:
 100% thin client 3-tier architecture built from the ground up - no need to
install software on workstations and supports the 4 major browsers;
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Cloud-friendly so Ephesoft can be deployed on-premise behind firewalls
or on public clouds like Amazon or Microsoft Azure for fast deployment
and upkeep
Fully enabled web-based scanning is included, enabling large distributed
capture at no cost
Bundled features – nothing to add in terms of additional forms
functionality. All major forms processing capabilities that you would
expect in an enterprise solution are provided.
Eliminating click charges (image counts), since Ephesoft is simply priced
by the 4 core server instance. No additional costs either for scan seats,
validation, or administration seats
Much lower price points compared to legacy capture solutions allowing
customers to address advanced forms applications that were cost
prohibitive in the past
Use of open standards and open platform allows customization in
multiple programming languages
Advanced full content classification and separation technology allowing
set up with as little as one sample of each document type and quicker
training and implementation compared to legacy advanced capture
Subscription-based pricing model allows use of operating budget rather
than capital expenditure
Ixxus is an Ephesoft Platinum Partner and can provide full integration of
Ephesoft with Alfresco EDRM.
Our client list covers Local Government, NHS, Central Government and nonDepartmental Public bodies, as well as many well-known charity and publishing
We provide a wide range of services - strategic consultancy, change
management, user experience, systems integration, customisation, training,
migration and support.
The common denominators to our Solutions
We typically are asked to build solutions
that have a strong focus around the
creation, management, distribution and
use of content.
We are experienced in designing and
building industrial strength enterprise
solutions that are open, scalable and future
We build our solutions around you, not
vice versa; ensuring an end-product that is
completely customised to your needs.
Flexibility and adaptability are key in
everything we do.
We leverage the benefits and advantages of
open source where ever possible.
We have mitigated the risks of open source through the provision of
commercial support packages for all our delivered solutions.
Information Assurance
Individuals in Ixxus consulting are not currently accredited. Ixxus is willing that
consultants can be put forward for individual accreditation up to a target Impact
level of IL6.
Internal IT procedures and controls are maintained to provide a high level of
business resilience to negate information assurance risks.
On-boarding and Off-boarding processes/scope etc.
Scope definition of functionality and processes are performed in the Discovery
phase of the assignment where the conciseness of the environment and the
functional solution are defined through interviews, documentation and
workshops. Tasks are then estimated and planned for the corresponding effort
involved and presented to the Customer for sign-off.
Pricing (including unit prices, volume discounts (if any), data extraction etc.)
Consultancy rates are either as per the SFIA rates or a blended rate of £840/day
is used.
Service management details
An Ixxus Client Engagement Manager will be the central point of contact
throughout the contract and will provide themselves or through the project
manager the regular reporting for the project.
Service constraints
Ixxus can provide consultancy to provide full conformance to functional and nonfunctional requirements through our design of the overall solution covering
systems integration, customisation, configuration and the underlying product
Ixxus also provides upgrade and patch services.
Service Levels (e.g. performance, availability, support hours, severity definitions etc.)
Consulting is performed during UK business hours on an 8 hour working day.
Support can be provided 24/7 or 9-5.
Financial recompense model for not meeting service levels;
The Statement of Work will define acceptance criteria for deliverables and Ixxus
will deliver to those acceptance criteria to achieve acceptance.
Ixxus provides training for
 Technical Administration training
 Technical Developer training
 Solution End-User Training (via a train the trainer course)
Ordering and invoicing process
Through a Statement of Work (SoW) to tightly define the consultancy
deliverables, approach and to qualify any assumptions.
Termination terms
By consumers (i.e. consumption) - as per the attached Terms and
By the Supplier (removal of the G-Cloud Service) – existing assignments
will be continued.
Data restoration / service migration
Ixxus will provide the consultancy services for data take on and service
migration, to an acceptance criteria defined by the customer.
Consumer responsibilities
A consumer will be responsible to provide relevant staff for workshops and
Technical Requirements
Technical requirements (service dependencies and detailed technical interfaces,
e.g. client side requirements, bandwidth/latency requirements etc.); and
Trial Service
No trial services are available as this is a consultancy offering.