Beautiful Junk

Beautiful Junk
“Beautiful Junk” may also be called Loose Parts and are an important addition to
any classroom. Loose Parts are just that, items and objects that can be used in any
and every way a budding imagination can dream up. They provide limitless
opportunities because there is no right or wrong way to use them and they
encourage deeper, unscripted play.
Do you have any beautiful junk to share with us? Some ideas:
Baby food jars, boxes of all sizes, buttons, bolts, buckets, bottles, baby blankets,
cans, cotton balls, clothespins, crates, clear containers, dowelling, driftwood,
elastics, embroidery hoops, envelopes, felt, fabric, funnels, foil,, film cans, foil
plates, file boxes, gloves, garland, greeting cards, hinges, hooks, ice cube trays,
jars of all sizes, kitchen utensils, lids, lace, magnets, maps, measuring cups and
spoons, newspaper, netting, paper plates, paper clips, plexiglass, plumbing parts,
pulleys, pans, pitchers, rocks, rope, ribbons, rulers, sandpaper, straws, string,
shoeboxes, squeeze bottles, screen wire, tubes, tins, tubing, tape measure, tubs,
utensils, velvet, washers, wool, wallpaper, wood pieces, watering cans, yarn, zippers,
Ziploc bags.
Thanks in advance for any contributions!