Meeting Notes 7/17/14
Attended: Nicole – Library, Robmac – CALS, Jim Hunt – CALS, Tim Wunz – Pharmacy, Katy Holt
– UITS, Mark Felix – OIA, Vincent DelCasin0 – Distance Learning, Melody Buckner – Digital
Learning and Online Ed, Tom Bourgeois – Campus IT Ops.
Teleconference with Purdue’s Digital Badges program
1. Could we get a test course site? – Yes – Nicole already set it up
2. Could we use a course site for this fall semester with less than 50 students? If we
wanted to test out anything bigger than a pilot of 50, what are our options? Yes
– can make that time frame – takes about 2 weeks
3. Are we able to create 5 instructional accounts and 45 student accounts? Yes
4. If we develop a standard set of badges tied to campus outcomes (assuming we
want all instructors to have access for including chosen badges in their classes
down the road), how would it work for instructors/TAs across campus to assess
student work and award badges? Is there a process set up for this? I missed the
answer on this one….anyone?
5. Can we use our Shibboleth In Common accounts or do we need to use passport
accounts for log in credentials? Yes – works with our middleware
6. Where would the content be housed and who would own it? – Housed there but
we own
7. What have you done for Indiana University? Rather have IU talk about it
8. What range in pricing relates these sorts of options? What could we do (and for
what prices?). – pricing is still uncertain but what they showed us looked pretty
reasonable – seems like they are anxious to get us on board
Discussion on the value of digital badges – some of the points:
1. They should be offered in a hierarchy, with levels – attain one level and target a
higher one, to reinforce a notion of progress
2. Credentialing badges is going to be a problem – it would be good to work with
other universities on standards, e.g. Purdue, Indiana, et al
3. How are we going to make something like this work with RCM; can it operate
outside the baseline and make itself appealing as a bonus revenue?
4. How to make this work with Pima and 2 plus 2? In fact it might enhance that
program if it leads to better sharing of gen ed
Action Items
1. Vincent thinks he might be able to provide some funding
2. Jim Hunt will lead on a pilot project with Elaine’s class – honor student, try to
make this fall
3. Tim will do a pilot with Pharmacy to see if digital badges can replace their
present paper portfolios
Next Meeting July 31 – agenda: 1.) Nicole presents on more digital badging background 2.) Jim
and Tom report on their pilots – maybe a work plan? 3.) Purdue pricing firmed up
Anything else?