Why certification with digital badges?

IDs: Reward yourself and promote your talents by obtaining one or more
ID certifications with marks and digital badges.
Why certification with digital badges?
Certifications are marks of credibility that
provide a way for you to tell the world that you
have expertise in specific areas. Certifications
traditionally include a ‘mark’ (letters in your
title). In addition to the classic marks, we offer
digital badges you can publish to your social
media, on websites, and blogs. These digital
badges link to a badge verification site where
your clients and employers can (1) verify that
you have the right to use the badge and mark,
and (2) learn more about the certification
Why learning solutions?
Why not a certification for the whole ID
Stay tuned. More certifications and badges are
coming. Instructional design is a very complex
process that ID experts continue to develop
throughout their careers. We are working on
badges in design, analysis and evaluation,
delivery and logistics, project management and
leadership, and content development and
management. We plan to offer recipients of
multiple badges opportunities to “level up” to
advanced certifications such as Learning
Architect, Master ID, and more.
What certifications are available?
The Institute for Performance Improvement
(TIfPI) has specifically targeted its first set of ID
certifications with digital badges to the learning
solution developer. TIfPI acknowledges that
learning solution developers may not have
participated in any front-end analysis and may
not have had the opportunity to track and
evaluate results after deploying a learning
solution. Instead, TIFPI focuses on the need for
a learning solution developer to work within
predefined parameters and within a limited
 AEL – Asynchronous ELearning
 BLS – Blended Learning Solutions
Whether you start at the need or start with
someone else’s design document, you are
eligible for the ID certification, mark, and
(combinations of learning solutions)
C&M – Coaching and Mentoring
COP – Community of Practice
EPS – Electronic Performance Support
GPS – Goal- or Problem-based Scenarios
ILT – Instructor Led Training (live or
ISS – Independent Self-Study
JA – Job Aids
MEL – Mobile ELearning (mLearning)
OJT – On-the-Job Training
(informal learning)
RLO – Reusable Learning Objects
SEL – Synchronous ELearning
S&L – Simulations and Labs
SLG – Serious Learning Games
SM&N – Social Media and Networking
VA&P – Video, Audio, and Podcasts
What does a badge cost?
Your first badge costs $250. Additional badges cost $200. Your will need to renew your badge every
three years at a cost of $75 per renewal.
Need more information?
Go to https://tifpi.wildapricot.org/IDBadges or email us at [email protected]
Achieving this certification allows you to add the following
certification mark after your name: