Complete Rules

Crime scene investigation is the meeting point of science, logic and law.
It requires diverse skills such as observation and the ability to analyze
critically the collected evidence; in particular, to draw a relevance of
the collected evidence and the crime that is under investigation.
Processing a crime scene is a long, tedious process that involves
purposeful documentation of the conditions at the scene and the
collection of any physical evidence that could possibly illuminate what
happened and point to who did it. There is no typical crime scene, there
is no typical body of evidence and there is no typical investigative
The divulge game presents a murder mystery for you to solve.An
ultimate challenge where the participants have to fight their way to
unravel the mystery of the crime. Have the feel of a real life crime
scene investigator. Observe and analyze behaviours and all the hints
carefully, get the reports from the virtual forensic lab as well as media,
search for real clues and link them all to catch the killer before the time
runs out.
Participate and experience the thrill being an investigation officer.
So are you ready to prove your metal in the field of Criminology!
1. Minimum and maximum number of members per team is 2
and 3 respectively.
2. Participants will not be allowed to leave the event holding
premises before the event is over.
3. Registration will be done at the registration desk.
4. No material other than that provided by the organizers will
be allowed for the solving of the case .
5. Every team will have access to the crime scene and the
evidences left out there.
6. Interaction between different teams will not be allowed
during the course of the event.
7. Results will be decided by the organizers and their say in this
matter will be final and binding to all.
8. Any team found out to be violating any of the above rules
will be disqualified.
9.No use of mobile phones and internet will be allowed .
Any change in the event pattern will be notified on the
Moumita Das: +91 8473986037
Himashree Kalita: +91 8876243627
R.Parnika Murthy: +91 9401782487
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