SLPA SLO Assessment SLP 2 Oct 2013

Joyce Kim
Student Learning Outcome Assessment Report
SLP-2 Remediation: Speech and Hearing Disorders
(Assessment Cycle: Fall 2012 to Spring 2013)
Tell us about the section(s) you assessed.
Daytime, face-to-face class on the Moreno Valley College campus, Spring 2013. Web-Enhanced.
Which SLO from the Course Outline of Record (COR) does this project assess?
Demonstrate basic skills needed for hearing and speech screenings such as the International Phonetic Alphabet
Why did you choose that SLO?
I know from experience that many students have difficulty understanding and using the International Phonetic
Alphabet. This skill is included in the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant’s scope of practice; hence, it is
imperative that students achieve this SLO.
What specific topic does this project focus on?
International Phonetic Alphabet was targeted in discrete mini-lessons/lectures with in-class and homework
exercises. Students had the chance to transcribe using IPA in class and to correct their work at home if errors were
discovered. Then mini-quizzes on the IPA were given.
Describe your inquiry strategy, including the assessment tool, scoring criteria, and timeline.
Responses to such exercises were analyzed and recorded in Fall 2012.
What were the results? Based on the results, what goal was set?
70% of students scored B or higher. My goal was to see 90% of the students score B or higher.
What modifications to the curriculum were made?
I created a new interactive power point slide to complement the lecture and textbook presentations of the material in
addition to transcription exercises. The students were able to utilize their visual and aural skills in attaining mastery
of IPA.
Describe your re-inquiry strategy, including the timeline and results.
I required the students to practice using this interactive link for their assignments 4 weeks before the IPA
transcription exam was given. After administering the exam, I counted the number of correct and incorrect
responses. 95% of students scored B or higher. The goal was achieved.
Have you shared this project with your colleagues? Next step and timeline. Will you assess this course again
focusing on a different SLO? Will you assess a different version of this course-hybrid, online, evening, 8 week,
etc.? Will you assess a different course, if so which SLO will you address?
I shared the results with other colleagues informally at a spring 2012 department meeting. Also, I plan on discussing
the SLO assessment process and results to the members of the SLPA Program Advisory Board at the next meeting.
I am satisfied with the results but I want to see if an additional modification would garner 100% of the students
scoring B or higher since this skill is so highly valued in the professional world.