the Wood element - Liver and Gall Bladder

The Virtues and imbalances of the Wood Element
The Liver and Gall Bladder energy and functions reflect the nature of the Wood element and the
cyclical rhythms of the Spring season: when the new growth sprouts forth and the bulbs spring
up out of the ground this has been made possible by the previous seasons and natures of earth,
metal and water especially during the Winter giving abundant lusciousness and brightness to the
sprouts and blossoming of flowers we see in Spring and Summer as we still need to nourish these
by Water.
The nature of the Wood element can be likened to that of a Tree growing with sure direction –
there is always a ‘Plan’ which is pre-determined and it is up to the nature of Wood to manifest
this well known plan and direct the smooth flow of growth with flexibility and ease.
If there is a lot of wind to contend with which tends to come about in the change of Seasons and
especially in Spring this may hamper the growth of Wood and cause angst.
Within us our Liver anatomically reflects the image and nature of a tree with many branches
flowing easily and unencumbered manifesting good vision and direction in relation to the
external influences... just as the many portal venules within the Liver literally bring absorbed
food from the intestine, hepatic cells store and process absorbed food and the hepatic arterioles
carry oxygenated blood allowing good digestion and nourishment to our cells, tissues and sinews
this is likened to our own branches – limbs allowing easy movement and our eyes having good
vision all nourished by healthy smooth flow of blood and Qi.
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If the Qi - energy of spirit of our Wood element feels hampered or blocked in any way of it’s pre designed direction in life with clear vision then we may feel frustrated, resentful, jealous even
bitter, twisted and angry so our Liver Qi and Blood starts to ‘curdle’ so to speak, heats up, rises
and or stagnates which may effect our natural development and growth, blood flow: our
menstrual cycle, blood pressure, head issues ie. headaches, vascular issues, digestion, eye vision
and issues and the functionality of our cells, tissues, sinews and ligaments especially our hip
movement not allowing clear direction due to the Gall Bladder channel passing up our lower
limbs to our hip region.
The Gall Bladder is the Yang organ partner to the Yin organ of the Liver just as in Western
physiology the Gall Bladder stores bile and breaks down fats for easier digestion and absorption.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine the spirit of Gall Bladder is effected by courage, timidity,
judgment, decisions to manifest Liver’s plan and direction. This Wood energy also has an effect
on the Heart Qi just as Wood is designed to nourish the Fire element it may totally upset the
Heart function of circulating the blood in a hyperactive way or with a diminished functionality.
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