Subject: Ancestors` History from the Present and Future Author: Abo

Subject: Ancestors' History from the Present and Future
Author: Abo Abdul Salam Zakariya Almudainy
Issue No: 2
Page No: 125-126
Year of Publication: Ragab 1388 AH - September 1968
Ancestors' History from the Present and Future
Abi Abdul Salam Zakariya Almudainy
Civilization and progress are two words often uttered by men of
letters and writers in their works, but a few who actually grasp
their meanings and pay attention to the content they both carry.
Civilization and progress are being understood, by closedminded people, to be tracing everything in the present and
keeping pace with development even blindly respectively. Bu in
fact, States' civilization is meant people racing their historical
glories and their good impacts.
Let's ponder over the past: Life water is the freshest supply,
progress means tracing development an a balanced and constant
manner thorough determining what can be of good use to the
nation from people science- past history ancestor messenger to
descendants and dopey school as well as experiments field and
place of sermons- especially Islamic nation history which is a
encyclopedia of good deeds and glories- The fourth Caliph- may
Allah honor his face- said advising his son: ' Oh My son, I even
if I did not age as did people who preceded me , I had a look at
their deeds, thought of their news and closely observed their
impacts till I became as I were one of them. I acquainted with
whether this good or bad; useful or harmful'. Ancestors' history
in nations is deemed the lighthouse of both present and future. It
is worthy mentioning that whatever a nation forgot about its past
will achieve nothing in their present.
Individuals' well-famed biographies are deemed a torch which
society is guided by, but misbehavior and immorality are what
leads to the demolition and ruin of a nation's identity.
Nation people can never establish themselves well if their
morals are bad
A nation that lives in a moral vacuum is like the flock
proceeding without a shepherd and untied livestock which can
be devoured by lions or continue walking without knowing their
destination in deserts. But individuals who deviate from the their
nation's principles and moral values, are like germs living in a
healthy body; if that body's resistance is strong, germs' effect
dwindles and finally vanishes, and if resistance is not, it is
overpowered and faded by germs.
Individuals are like a brick in the society structure. If there are
damaged and ugly bricks in a good-looking building, it will
weaken that building spoiling its beauty. Poet said:
I see that who has neither morals nor honesty among
people, totally naked.
Shyness and gallantry are from the Muslim's best qualities, as
ugly person living in an Islamic society is like a boil on a
beautiful face, leprosy on a healthy body, the totally naked
among decent and well clothing people. Moreover, Truthfulness,
honesty and promise keeping are among the believers'
characteristics, as the honest man is keen on following the
example of 'messengers'' master' described by Allah as being
'honest messenger'. The Prophet- peace and prayers be upon
him- said ' He who deals with people without oppressing them,
talks without telling lies, and promising without breaking
promise, shall be fully gallant. Similarly, some wise men told '
A noble character has to abstain from all is forbidden by Allah,
be fair in judging, not to help the strong harm the weaken, not
to prefer the secular world to the kingdom come and not to
embark on doing what can spoil saying and name.'
Gallantry can never be obtained by a man who lost good morals
he inherited from his parents;
He was inspired to be a dishonest and mean by his soul that also
lured him to stick to what can turn him into good life