Unit 11: The meaning and importance of belief in

Unit 11: Section 1.6
The meaning and importance of
belief in Islamic teaching on alQadar and human freedom
Al-Qadar: Allah’s control of future
 The belief in al-Qadar is very important to being a
Muslim. It means that Allah knows everything that
has happened and will happen for all eternity.
 Nothing happens without Allah knowing about it
It is important to Muslims because:
1) it is in the Quran
2) The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught us
3) Submitting to Allah’s will is the heart of being a
 4) It helps Muslims make sense of the world – they
understand that everything happens for a reason,
since Allah knows everything and has control over all
Muslims believe that Allah has control over everything,
but he has given us free will: to choose whether we do
good deeds or bad.
On Judgement day, we will be judged on how we lived
our lives. This means that all humans are responsible for
their actions, and because Allah knows all, Allah cannot
be deceived