Operation Gelding Eligibility

Operation Gelding Eligibility
NMHC is interested in finding qualified horse owners in need of castration for
their stallions. The people who may qualify for this service may be “backyard“
horse owners. They may be accustomed to owning horses without really
understanding their needs.
A situation not uncommon to these owners is a lack of foresight regarding a mare
that births a colt foal. There may only be one pen for them both and the owners
may lack the knowledge and understanding of the need to remove the foal at the
proper time to prevent the young colt from impregnating his mother. There may
also be the issue of not having another pen to move the weanling/yearling to.
This horse owner may also not have the necessary funding to geld their young
stallion even if they have successfully moved the weanling into another pen.
The second type of person who would likely qualify for this program is a small
time owner/breeder. This person may have one stallion and several mares. A
small breeding farm may have fewer than 15 horses. Due to the increasing cost
of hay, this breeder may not have been able to successfully estimate the cost of
care for their horses and not be able to afford castration of the colt foals as they
are maturing. They may have several foals that are all male. The number of male
foals is unknown from year to year. The non-castrated colts may be at risk of not
being easily placed as they are not easily sold as stallions. Their conformation or
pedigree may not qualify them as breeding prospects.
Operation Gelding is a program for any stallion that needs castration and whose
owners do not have the financial means or who “just didn't know” but are willing
to have this done with assistance. The stallions need to be between the ages of 4
months and 5 years of age and have current immunizations.
Thank you for your participation in making this much needed program a success
in the state of New Mexico.
Kristin Darnell Kreger
NMHC Board of Directors & Chairperson of Operation Gelding
505-400-7438 email: mytenthousandhorses@windstream.net
P.O. Box 10206, Albuquerque, NM 87184
www.nmhorsecouncil.org 505-345-8959 nmhc@swcp.com