Dear Parents / Carers 9th December 2009

Victoria Park Infant School
Henshaw Street
M32 8BU
Headteacher: Miss D Vrlec
Tel: 0161 865 4778
Fax: 0161 865 4509
8th January 2016
Firstly, we want to keep you informed about staffing in Reception 2. Miss Coleman will not
be back in school next week due to an ongoing illness but staff and children are very pleased
that Miss Parkhurst will be continuing to teach the class.
Secondly, thank you so much for your support this morning – the children were so much
calmer hanging their coats up and settled into their classroom activities very quickly.
Ultimately, we want the children to get the very best start to their day. However, we have
taken on board ideas and comments that were made this morning. Thank you for taking the
time to talk to us.
Whilst it was so much better for the children and safer, in regards to the teacher being able
to see all of the children coming into school, we appreciate that many parents want to be
able to wave to their children through the window and rightly so! On reflection, could we
ask that you continue with the routine of you lining the children up but then wait until they
have all got inside, with the door closed, before you move over to the window if you wish.
Our primary concern is stopping congestion in and around the children’s entrance to school.
Once the children are in school, the staff will look after your child and make sure that they
are happy and ready for school. If your child gets upset waving through the window, saying
goodbye to you again, it may be easier for them to just say one goodbye in the line but you
can decide that with your child.
There is no hard and fast rule for settling the children into school but I think that if we
maintain the routine that we tried this morning, speaking to the class teacher before the
bell, waiting by the line with your child (leaving the entrance clear) but then moving over to
wave at the window once all of the staff and children are inside, we should see an
improvement. Developing independence, is a vital skill for children to learn and coming into
school on their own and sorting out their belongings is one of the first steps. They manage
superbly throughout the day so we are letting them show off their skills to you!!
Please remember that if you do not have chance to speak to Miss Parkhurst before school,
she is always available at 3.10 or you can always pass a message through the office or
telephone school.
Many thanks
From the Reception Staff