Name: Cracking Your Genetic Code (16 points) Select 4 questions

Cracking Your Genetic Code (16 points)
Select 4 questions from 1 to 10. Answer those four questions in the space provided below.
1. What is genomics?
2. What is a possible affect of genetic testing?
3. What is a genome?
4. The company Illumina specializes in what?
5. Describe the process used to get the DNA.
6. To obtain the first genome, it took _______ years.
7. To obtain the first genome cost __________.
8. There are _______ genes in ______ pairs of chromosomes.
9. Genes code for ___________.
10. Spelling errors are misspelled genes. These produce what?
Select 4 questions from 11 to 20. Answer those four questions in the space provided
11. How similar are human genomes?
12. There are how many differences in the spelling of genes between people?
13. It only takes _______ letter variance to pre-dispose an individual to certain traits of
14. How did the director of NIH test companies that do genome sequencing?
15. What did he find out about himself?
16. Finding out about your specific genome could be a teachable moment. Why?
17. Do all companies give the same information?
18. Give an example of how finding out about your genetics could make you change
your lifestyle for the worse.
19. APOE4 on chromosome 19 has been associated with what?
20. What other factors are needed to be taken into consideration besides knowing that
you have APOE4?
Select 4 questions from 21 to 30. Answer those four questions in the space provided
21. Most genetic information is probabilistic. What does that mean?
22. In the genetic code, how is Huntington’s disease seen?
23. How can knowing that you have a chance of acquiring a disease affect you?
24. Why did author Elton think about having genetic testing?
25. If she found out she was predisposed to getting breast cancer, what things could she
have done that she may not have done otherwise?
26. So far scientist have found _______ actionable genes.
27. What is Cystic Fibrosis?
28. The gene for Cystic Fibrosis is recessive. In order for someone to get this disease
they must receive the gene from which parent?
29. Describe the role of the protein produced by the normal gene in a person who does
not have Cystic Fibrosis.
30. Describe the problem with the protein produced by the gene of a person who does
have Cystic Fibrosis.
Select 4 questions from 31 to 40. Answer those four questions in the space provided
31. What is melanoma?
32. When skin cancer advances where does it go?
33. What is the effect of the BRAF mutation on chromosome 7?
34. How does the drug being tested stop cancer from this site?
35. How many healthy babies have been born thanks to genetic testing?
36. Genetic testing may develop into trying to produce the perfect child. Why is
probably not a possibility?
37. As an example, there are ______ genes involved with height alone.
38. Scientist say, if you want a tall offspring _____________________________.
39. How can genetic testing become an invasion of privacy?
40. Explain what most states allow insurance companies to do with this genetic