signatures authentication

Batch Verification of ID-Based Signature Schemes
Virajith Jalaparti
IIT Kanpur, Email: [email protected]
With the increasing use of computer networks, authentication and secure communication is the
need of the hour. Many applications require the processing a large number of signatures in a
short period of time and thus special mechanisms are needed to make the digital signatures to
meet this demand. Several methods of batch verification, aggregation, screening of signatures
have been developed. We discuss some previous work related to Batch Verification of signatures
and propose a new ID-Based Signature Scheme that supports batch verification very efficiently.
1. Introduction
In today’s rapidly expanding world the internet and other forms of networking have
become greatly important. Along such forms of communications comes the need for security and
authentication. The recent developments in cryptography, from the introduction of the public key
systems have greatly catered to the need of the hour. Authentication of messages of all kinds is
really important so that “world” (refers to different groups in different contexts) knows from
whom the message has come and no prankster one can escape from the consequences of his acts.
Digital Signatures are of great help for providing authentication. In a system which has adopted a
particular Digital Signature Scheme, every person is required to sign a message that he sends and
the others can verify the signature and know which person has sent the message received. With
the advent of Digital Signatures, has come the need for verification of signatures. But the human
thirst for wanting and power never comes to an end. Many applications require the verification of
a lot many signatures in a short period of time. One example is mail servers. A mail server would
want to verify the signatures on the incoming mails in order to handle a variety of e-mail clients
on the internal network. In order to reduce the amount of processing time for the server, we
would like to have a fast verification scheme for verifying a large number of signatures in a short
period of time. Another application that is in the requirement of this kind of verification is
electronic commerce. People nowadays want to pay all