Study Guide for Chemistry Fall Final 2013

Study Guide for Chemistry Fall Final 2013
Extensive and Intensive Properties
Physical and chemical properties and changes
Facts about liquids, solids and gases
Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures
Compound, molecules, atoms and ions – facts
Chemical symbols
Significant Figures of measurements and in mathematically operations
Scientific Notation
Converting temperatures from C to K or K to C
Subatomic particles of an atom facts
Atomic Numbers, mass number, average atomic mass
Electron Configurations
Orbitals s, f, d, f facts
Valence electrons
Ionization energy and the trends on the Periodic table
Cations and Anions Facts and trends on the Periodic table.
Formula writing and naming Compounds
Ionic and Covalent compounds- Know fact and be able to distinquish between them
Diatomic molecules know them and facts about them.
Intermolecular forces : type, characteristics, strengths,
Metals, nonmetals, metalloids
Binary Compounds , monatomic ion and polyatomic ions
Greek Prefixes, Acids and Bases Balancing equations and Equation symbols