Diversity Awareness

Course Title: Diversity Awareness
Course Description:
How do you identify yourself?
What would people notice about you?
What does your identity imply about you?
What stereotypes and prejudices does your identity call to mind?
In this course you will be analysing your own diversity and examining some of the influences which
forge people as members of their community. We will analyse some of the stereotypes which
precondition people’s views on those who are different from them, how these can lead to
discrimination, and challenging cultural bias. Topics to be covered include ethnicity, gender and
gender identity, disability, religion and beliefs, age, and sexual orientation.
On completion of this course you will be able to:
 describe the relationship between stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination;
 analyse the ways in which your own identity has been forged and its unique diversity;
 both outline and critique Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions and practise critical
thinking in analysing models of diversity;
 demonstrate understanding of the principles of diversity in planning an event related to your
research or personal interests.
Target Audience: This course is aimed at students at any stage of research
Pre-requisites: n/a
Session preparation: n/a
Format of Delivery: Face to Face
Please remember to arrive on time for a course – places are limited and offered on a first come
first serve basis.
Don’t forget to keep a record of your attendance as this will count towards the Postgraduate
Research Skills Award