LAST - McCracken County Schools

Preschool Tuition Guidelines
All schools offer tuition slots. If a classroom is at cap, all of the
openings for tuition slots are filled.
Tuition slots are only for children who turn four (4) by October
Two (2) slots will be held for potential income or qualifying
students. (For example, regulations allow for 40 students. If 32
qualify, then there are 8 tuition slots available, but 2 would be
No transportation is offered for tuition children unless it is
determined that the Preschool bus passes the child’s residence
on their current route.
Initial tuition placement system:
a. McCracken County Employee’s children
b. Children who live in the school district where they are applying (My
house is in the Lone Oak Elementary district. I am applying for tuition
preschool at Heath.)
c. Tuition placement out of the child’s school district (My child lives in
the Paducah district, but her grandparents live in the McCracken
County district. They will be picking her up from school. So I want to
pay tuition for the McCracken County preschool program.)
d. Out-of-County request (We live in Marshall County, but I work in
McCracken County. I want to drop my child off at Hendron Lone Oak
Elementary on the way to work.)
6. Tuition sessions follow the regular session schedule. Students will
attend all day, twice a week on either a Monday/Wednesday session or
a Tuesday/Thursday session.
7. If there is a tuition opening, families will be notified by the Preschool
Director, Kathy Johnson.
8. After acceptance as a tuition slot, families will pay a $50 nonrefundable deposit to hold their slot. Families have one week to pay the
deposit before another family is called. A slot is not held until this
deposit is received in Accounts Receivable at the Central Office.
9. Once the tuition slot is held, the Preschool Director will notify the
preschool teacher.
10.The tuition price per month is $200 dollars. Months are not prorated. (December costs the same as March or if a child starts on March
15th, they pay for the entire month of March.)
11. Tuition will be paid to:
McCracken County Board of Education
Accounts Receivable
435 Berger Road
Paducah, KY
12. A tuition child may leave at mid-day, but the tuition is not pro-rated.
13. If tuition is delinquent for one week, the parent will be contacted. If
tuition is delinquent for two weeks, the slot is released.
14. Tuition children have a minimum of two parent-teacher conferences
but no home visits as is required for qualifying students.
15. All tuition children are screened in order to monitor progress.
16. Tuition children will have a GOLD portfolio and timelines, but their
information is not reported to KEDS.
17. Progress reporting periods are the same as qualifying students.
18. Meals are paid for or brought by the student.
19. Attendance – four (4) consecutive absences parent must be
contacted – six (6 ) consecutive absences (if there are families waiting
for a slot) tuition slot is released at the end of current paid month.
20. If all allocated slots are filled at a school (40) and a qualifying child
comes in – the LAST tuition slot filled is closed down at the end of the
21. A tuition family that had to relinquish their tuition slot may take a
tuition slot at another school as long as they can transport, and the
district office approves an out-of-district tuition slot.
Questions: contact the Director of Preschool at 538-4000