John Smith - Office of Experiential Learning

John Smith
123 My Street
Orlando, FL 32816
[email protected]
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Exp. Grad date May 2015
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Minor in Mathematics
GPA: 3.2
Programming languages:
Proficient in C, C++, Java, QT, C#, OpenGL, HTML
Familiar with Open AL, PHP, my SQL, MIPS, LISP, PROLOG
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP), Linux ( Slackware, Fedora Core), MS-DOS
Applications: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET, Visual J++, QT designer, Dream Weaver , Excel, Word,
PowerPoint, Open Office, Photoshop
Database Management System
Developed in Java using Visual J++. Users create, update, delete tables of any size and create custom
queries with over 7 integrity constraints. Inserting and deleting records from selected tables was also
Cyptography Programs
Produced in C, ++ and Java. Created several programs that incorporated different types of
cryptographic ciphers. The ciphers include SDES, AFGVX, Vigenere and substitution ciphers. One was a
java applet that users could step through the cipher step by step. Created a cryptanalysis program that
would aid users in analyzing enciphered text to help break the message.
Operating System Simulator
Designed in C using Visual Studio 6.0 and GCC. Simulated hardware and software components of a
time-sharing computation. Modeled the CPU, memory hardware, resource allocation, resource
management, interrupts handlers, context switching and CPU scheduler.
3D Cube
Developed in C++, OpenGL, and OpenAL using Visual Studio.NET. Created to manipulate objects in a
virtual environment. Used the following to represent 3D objects: matrices, vectors, transformations,
lighting, texturing, and collision detection. Loaded wav files using OpenAL.
Calculator and Text Editor
Developed in C++ and QT using QT Designer. Designed over 5 small GUI programs. Each Program
had customer slots and signals. The types of programs ranged from a calculator, text editor, as well as a
small program involving multithreading.
Earned 4th place in a programming competition at University of Stetson. Competed against 16 teams and
each team consisted of 4 people. Each team is given a packet of 10 problems to solve and those who solve
the most wins. Of my team, I helped solve 3 out of 5 problems.
Earned 2nd place in a math competition held at University of North Florida. Competed against roughly 20
other teams and each team consisted of 4 people.
Set the standard for cryptography programs used in the cryptography club. The Club would use each
program to show how specific ciphers worked. Coded a java applet to show the steps of the vigenere
Student Activities
Cryptography Club: 2012-2013
Math Team: 2002, 2nd Place
Programming Team: 2011-2012
Discount Video and Computers
On call tech
Vital Networks
Network installation
Circuit City Sales Associate
Sales Associate