Weather Booklet

“Get the Facts” (ADD CORIOLUS EFFECT!)
Target: “Identify the role of oceans on weather systems”
Write each research topic on a different page in your foldable
Page 1: Ocean Currents
b. Read first page and see if you can answer questions:
c. What are three points you find most telling of what ocean currents do?
d. Remember what we learned yesterday, how do you think that these currents affect
e. What energy source drives these currents?
f. Make a new tab: Find a picture showing currents
On right page, draw a picture of the gulf stream and the rain/weather it causes
Page 2: El nino
Play through all the animations and watch CAREFULLY what happens
How does this ocean event affect weather?
What are the effects of La Nina on weather?
What are the effects El Nino on weather?
On right page draw and label the main difference between El nino and la nina.
Page 3: Hurricanes
a. Click on ‘create a hurricane’ and then create it.
b. List ALL conditions are needed for them to form?
c. Why are they found more at the equator?
d. On the right page draw the animated hurricane you created
e. Now click on ‘hurricane path’ and answer e. and f. below
f. What is the general direction of hurricanes?
g. Where do the hurricanes get the weakest? (use the legend).
Page 4: Coriolus Effect (on back cover)
a. Spin paper on turntable and draw wind from N pole to south.
b. Draw the effect on back of your booklet and label Coriolis effect