Conference - Middle East Electricity

You can use the letter below as a template cover letter along with the supporting documents. Just
complete the areas in red to make the letter relevant to your company and job role.
Dear XXX,
Green Energy Middle East Conference / Solar Middle East Conference (delete as appropriate)
I would like to attend the 2014 edition of the Green Energy Middle East Conference / Solar Middle East
Conference taking place on 11 February 2014 / 12 February 2014, in Dubai, UAE. After reviewing the
Conference website, I have identified a number of educational sessions that will enable me to enhance
my knowledge and understanding and improve our organisation's processes.
The Conference includes a number of high profile speakers from the industry including XXX XXX XXX and
they will be discussing various topics that directly relate to my role and are relevant to our organisation.
In addition to the Conference, Middle East Electricity features a number of free technical seminars
hosted by exhibitors, which will enhance my knowledge of the latest technologies and their applications.
Below I have listed some of the seminars I would like to attend:
<Insert the session descriptions that are most relevant to your responsibilities>
I have calculated the cost of attending the Conference in more detail in the enclosed Expenses
Calculator but here is a breakdown of the cost of attending the Green Energy Middle East Conference /
Solar Middle East Conference:
Roundtrip airfare: <xxxx>
Transportation: <xxxx>
Accommodation: <xxxx>
Meals: <xxxx>
Conference fee: FREE
The opportunity for me to create new contacts and develop my knowledge of <your area of expertise>
makes my attendance at the Middle East Electricity Green Energy Conference/Solar Middle East
Conference extremely valuable for both my professional development and the development of the
I look forward to receiving your response.
<your name here>
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