Answers to Student Book questions: UNDERSTANDING CHALLENGES
1. For example, fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers,
blackcurrants, marrows and peas.
2. Because they are specially adapted to collect pollen.
3. The plant species will die out because it cannot reproduce without transferring pollen.
4. Should show: pesticides are used; bees become confused; bees cannot return to the
hive; less food and fewer bees; brought back to the hive; hive becomes smaller and
weaker; weaker bees are more prone to infection; more bees die.
5. One suggestion is:
 more intensive farming, which reduces the populations of wild flowers, important for
 An alternative cause is the use of pesticides, affecting the ability of the bees to
navigate back to the hives and making them weaker, so more prone to attack by
 Stop using pesticides, which affect the nervous systems of bees
 grow more wild flowers on verges and around the crops
 only use local hives
 clean hives well to prevent spread of disease
increase the number of hives.