Subject: Summer Jobs for the Environment!

Subject: Summer Jobs for the Environment!
Environment Connecticut is hiring students to work on our campaigns this summer in Hartford. We're
looking for folks that are hardworking, good communicators and committed to making positive change.
This summer our top campaign is saving the bees!
This has been a problem for almost a decade, but now bee keepers are reporting losing on average a
third of bee populations each year. This is a huge environmental and economic issue, because bees
pollinate everything from strawberries to coffee, and even the food that dairy animals eat which give us
ice cream and cheese.
One cause of this issue is that bees have increasingly exposed to a class of pesticides called
neonicotinoids, which are powerful neurotoxins. However, chemical companies like Syngenta are
working to convince the EPA to raise the allowable limit of one of their bee-killing pesticides by more
than 400 times.
That's why we are working to push Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency to speed up the testing
on neonics, and to eventually ban the use of these toxins. But to do that, we need to demonstrate public
support. To win this campaign, we are hiring folks to get out into communities, and build support for this
issue based out of our Hartford office. Over the course of the summer you can expect to make between
$4,000-$6,000 and make $10-$15/HR. It’s a great way to learn new skills while also making a big impact
on a critical environmental campaign.
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