Africa Vocabulary

Africa Vocabulary (1)
Sahel-A dry, semi-arid region south of the Sahara Desert covering
almost 1.8 million square miles that is slowly turning to desert
Nile River- The longest river in the world
Congo River- River that begins in central Africa near Lake Tanganyika
and flows through the rain forest
Atlas Mountains- A group of mountains that separate the coastal
regions from the great Sahara Desert in northern Africa
Tuareg- A group whose name means “free men” as their nomadic way
of life has not tied them down to one area
Oasis- A small place where trees are able to grow and where people
can live with grazing animals and a few crops.
Egypt- A large North African country located on the banks of the Red
Sea and the Mediterranean Coast
Niger River-Originating in western Africa, it is the third largest river in
Deforestation- The destruction of trees and other vegetation
Green Line- The place where the cultivated land ends and the desert
Nomads- People who move from place to place looking for food and
Kalahari Desert- A great desert located in the southern part of Africa
Africa Vocabulary (2)
Sahara Desert- The largest desert on planet earth
Savanna- A vast area of both grassland and more tropical habitats in
the middle of Africa
Lake Tanganyika- One of the largest fresh water lakes in the world
and one of the deepest
Sudan- Located just south of Egypt
South Africa- A country located at the very southern tip of Africa
that is mostly a broad plateau with large stretches of grasslands in the
Desertification- The process of land becoming like a desert, due to
deforestation and drought
Nigeria- A large nation on the west coast of Africa that has nearly
every kind of habitat in Africa
Democratic Republic of the Congo- A large country in central
Africa with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean
Extinction- A dying out of a species of plants or animals
Kenya- A country located along the eastern coast of Africa bordering
the Indian Ocean
Drought- An extended period of time without rain
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