Fiction vs Non fiction notes

Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction
Quiz on Friday, August 23rd
Fiction – not real, but could be realistic
Elements to know about Fiction:
Setting – where the story takes place (time and location). Sometime the setting changes
throughout the story.
Conflict – struggle that the character has (another character, the environment, or struggle
Plot diagram –
Exposition – introduces the setting and characters – at the very start of the story.
Rising Action – shows how the conflict is becoming more difficult
Climax – is the most exciting part and the turning part of the story
Falling Action – shows how the character starts to resolve the conflict
Resolution – how the story turns out; the end
Foreshadowing – hints or clues a writer gives that suggests what will happen later.
Suspense – the excitement a reader feels as they wait to find out how the conflict is resolved. t
*Climax is usually the most suspenseful part of a story*
Non- Fiction: Real event or information. We read non-fiction every day.
Text features: help organize ideas and emphasizes key information. Think Science and SS books.
Title – topic of the writing
Subheadings – show where different sections begin and what topics they will cover
Bullet lists – display details of equal importance
Graphic aids – diagrams, illustrations, and schedules, present details in a visual way
Pullout quotes – in large type to emphasize important details in the text
Sidebars – give further details on the main topic. They can be read at any time.