WCPRS/GRACE PhD Studentship Division of Reproductive Health

WCPRS/GRACE PhD Studentship
Division of Reproductive Health, Translational Medicine, Warwick
Medical School, University of Warwick
Project Title: The role of Phospholipase C-like 1 in maintenance of
uterine quiescence in human pregnancy
In the UK, 40,000 babies are born preterm each year and these account for
70% of infant deaths posing a serious clinical problem. Preterm babies suffer
a high rate of mortality and morbidity, and babies that manage to survive have
an increased incidence of severe long-term disability. We need to be able to
predict who is at risk of preterm delivery in order to optimise patient care
around delivery. We also need new agents to prevent the premature onset of
We have identified PLC-L1 as a key protein in preventing premature uterine
muscle contraction and labour. This project will investigate the role of PLC-L1
in maintaining uterine quiescence.
It is anticipated that information gained during the project will aid the
development of a new clinical test to predict who is likely to go in labour early.
The project will also give information essential to the development of new
drugs to induce labour and prevent premature delivery.
The studentship will involve the successful candidate becoming proficient in
various techniques including cell culture, molecular biology, confocal imaging
of live cells, ELISA and high-throughput cellular signalling assays.
The successful candidate will join a vibrant and expanding research team at
the University of Warwick within the Sub-Division of Reproductive Health.
The student will also be part of the University Hospitals Coventry and
Warwickshire NHS trust Biomedical Research Unit.
The first academic supervisor will be Dr Andrew Blanks, Division of
Reproductive Health, Warwick Medical School.
The successful candidate will be expected to start in autumn 2014 and will be
located at Clinical Science Research Laboratories in University Hospitals
Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.
The applicant should have a good biomedical sciences degree.
This studentship is available to Home and EU students, according to fee
status, who meet Research Council eligibility requirements based on
residency. The studentship includes full fees for the successful candidate
along with a tax free maintenance allowance in line with Research Council UK
standard stipend (£13,726 for the previous year 2013/14). The studentship
also includes consumables funding.
The closing date for applications is 5th November 2014. Interviews will be
held on 14th November 2014 at the Clinical Science Research Laboratories in
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.
Please contact Dr Andrew Blanks for further information about the research
project: [email protected]
Papers and a summary of the research group activity can be found here:
http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/med/staff/blanks/ and
Apply on line http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/med/study/researchdegrees and
select degree title MPhil/PhD in Medical Sciences (RMDA-A34P)
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