University of Utah Staff Council Meeting

University of Utah Staff Council Meeting – June 1, 2011
University of Utah Alumni House – Dumke Conference Room
Present: Edwin V. Lyons, Loretta Harper, Cathy Martinez, Tom Loveridge, Genevieve Reyes, Jerome
Roque, Sharon Benavides, Michael Berg, Renee Chase, Marcia Cook, Shayla DeGooyer, Thomas James
Ferrill, B.J. Fullmer, Julie Gertsner, Maggie Gillespie, Marilyn Hoffman, Paul Larsen, Becky Lubbers,
Jennifer Reed, Trina Rich, Kay Shelton, Chris Shirley, Kate Sturgeon
Excused: Tricia Baker, Janzell Tutor, Carol Bergstrom, Tiffany Stanton
Came to Order: 12:09 PM
Welcome (Edwin) 12:09
Updates | Announcements (Edwin) 12:10
People not joining us, Tiffany started a new position in Huntsman. Tricia is on maternity leave.
Marcia- Employee Appreciation Day is on 9-29-11; need volunteers in all areas.
Tom- Staff Council (SC) is counted on for help and volunteers.
Edwin- Welcomed Loretta and thanked her for joining us.
Trina has accepted a new position, starts July.
Edwin spoke about the ‘From Healing to Hope’ bike ride from SLC to Omaha, Nebraska. He
will forward the website for those interested in following virtually along. It is a combination
fundraiser for international adoption and Huntsman Cancer Foundation for cancer research.
Review of ‘May Minutes’ (Edwin) 12:45
Minutes approved.
University IPC Updates | Discussion (Tom) 12:46
Policy Updates, did an overview of policies that have been discussed. Have been through
stakeholders and now needs to go through formal approval process. If approved policy goes to
trustees for final approval. Rules don’t go to trustees; they are approved at that point.
Approval process is difficult this time of year since key people are not in the office. Next time
executive committee will meet is early October. In meantime, other approvals will be obtained
for that meeting.
Four new policies will be coming to SC; Separations, Grievance, Compensation, and RIF. Now
is the time for input from the SC on these important policies.
Q- When will policies be sent out? A- Depends on the approval. Working with Hospital HR
and others then will come to SC.
Q- How will a policy, or it’s updates be communicated? A- No systemic way at the moment,
HR is making a change. From the Trustees Office, an email will go out to deans and dept.
heads when a policy changes. There is a monthly newsletter that goes to payroll reporters that
will include any policy changes. SC can also communicate information and policy changes to
their own department.
12:53 SC has had a great year. SC has influenced a policy (sick leave) and has been very
active. All policies that affect staff will pass through SC. Policies pass through areas that are
considered stake holders. Major problem with policy changes is that it’s glacial; it takes a long
time to change. Typically once it is approved, most have looked at it and support it. This is the
culture of Higher Ed.
2011-2012 Staff Council Committee Chairs – Vote (Edwin) 12:59
Vote for Events, Communications/ Selections, Development and Legislative- only one
nominee for each, one nominee (Jennifer Reed) for two committees.
Communications/Selections committee – Paul Larsen
Events - Kate Sturgeon
Development – Jennifer Reed
Legislative – Kate Sturgeon
Loretta Harper 1:06
Thanked the SC. The work SC does makes her job easier. Helps her stay in touch with the
staff. A reasonable group that when they come together, things get accomplished. Mentioned
that the sick leave policy looks like it will pass. She wants SC to keep sending issues to her.
Marcia 1:07- Thanked her for the support and the time she takes to come to the meetings and to
listen to SC.
Subcommittee News & Updates 1:08
a) Events Committee (Kate) 1:08
a. Real Salt Lake ‘U’ Night Recap- 770 tickets were sold. Swoop beat the Real
Lion during halftime contest, resulting in a $100 prize. SC should be getting a
check for $100 to be applied to Staff Scholarship account. Real is looking
forward to working with SC next year.
b. ‘U’ Night with the Salt Lake Bees (Aug.17th) Tickets will be sold at Union
Building and Positively U. This will kick off the new academic year.
Next year, the events committee will broaden the available activities, other than
just sporting events. Independent film society is perk of the month- get student
price if show badge at the door, this will last year and half.
b) Development Committee (Renee)1:12
Highlights of the year: new development web site page, $40,000 in scholarship fund,
raised money with Shred I, first naming opportunity with BCBS. We also had two
faculty/staff that donated toward staff scholarship. Updated the website, now is cleaner
and easier to donate or do payroll deductions. Now that these are in place, it will be
easier to move forward.
c) Communications / Selections Committee (Trina) 1:15
a. ‘Facebook’ Update- SC members with FB accounts will get friend invites, Paul
will take the lead on ‘facebook’.
b. New Member Selections- still in process.
c. Selections for University Committees- Meeting this week to finish.
d) Legislative Committee (Shayla) 1:18
Working on updating bylaws. Moving forward- work with Jason Perry and establish
relationship with government office. The website has been updated.
Meeting with Jason went well. Wants to work close with legislative committee
regarding bills. He will bring legislators to campus over the summer to see
infrastructure and highlight the far reaching affect the U has on the state.
Combined Front Committee- brings people together from across the U and committees
to discuss bills.
e) Task Force Update (Becky) 1:24
Reminder that they are working on part-time benefitted employees to receive a
certificate. A meeting internally and then with Loretta is needed to make it happen.
VIII. Goodbye to members ending their term (Edwin) 1:26
Eight members ending their term with SC. Michal Berg, Marilyn Hoffman, Julie Gertsner,
Renee Chase, Janzell Tutor, Tricia Baker, Carol Bergstrom and Edwin Lyons. All departing
members will be (have been) presented with plaques, thanking them for their service.
A Fare Thee Well! (Edwin) 1:28
Expressed gratitude to everyone for their hard work. Excited to see SC over the next two years
Will remain involved as Ex-Officio member and on the Events Committee through the 20112012 academic year.
Marcia 1:33
July meeting is semi-optional. Luncheon in August with new member orientation an hour
before the meeting.
Adjourn 1:34