031914_CDB Core_Data Management SOP

CDB Equipment Resource
Data Retention Policy and Data Management SOPs
Definition of Data
The original, primary research data and additional valuable derivatives stored by the core. This includes,
but is not limited to:
Images scanned instruments such as the Odyssey, Typhoon, GelDocs, or CCD Imager,
Any data saved in spreadsheets derived from the microtiter platereader scans,
DNA concentrations saved in spreadsheets from Nanodrop 1000 and 2000C spectrophotometer,
Any data saved in files from the qPCR thermocycler,
Images and template setting files from the Leica and Spinning Disk confocal microscopes, and
Any files that a PI stores on the CDB Storage Area Network (SAN) as part of his Research Storage
Minimum Operational Data Retention Period
The timeframe immediately following collection of data necessary for processing and releasing results to
the PI.
Core Manager Responsibilities
The Core Manager will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the subsequent policies. This
includes but is not limited to:
Posting the policy on the core website and in common equipment rooms with computers,
Notifying all Resource User’s faculty of the new core policy via email and obtaining a “request a
read receipt” email to verify receipt,
Removing all existing out-of-date files from current core computers and transferring to the PI or
the PI’s department,
Inspecting the core computers on a quarterly basis and removing files past the Minimum
Operational Data Retention Period,
Working with the CDB IT Manager to verify integrity of data annually on tape backups,
Ensuring the CDB IT Manager provides the PI with a copy of any Research Storage data that is
eight years old, and
Maintaining a log of any communications with PIs regarding data management.
Data Management SOP - CDB Equipment Resource CORE COMPUTERS
a. The CDB Equipment Resource does not provide data storage on any core computer. All Resource
Users are encouraged to save all data files immediately to an external storage device.
b. The CDB Equipment Resource is not required to provide internet on core computers for the
purpose of emailing data files.
c. Data files may be temporarily stored on a core computer. However, these files are not backed
up and could be lost at any time.
d. The Minimum Operational Data Retention period for all temporary data files saved on any core
computer will be 30 days. After 30 days, the Core Manager will delete the files.
e. Any files temporarily saved on a core computer must be saved in a folder called “Lab Folder”.
There will be no individually named lab folders.
f. Any files temporarily saved on a core computer must be saved in the following format so that
they can be easily identified for deletion: Date_PI_filename (e.g. 032014_Macara_Crb3-1).
g. Resource Users are prohibited from saving files with personal protected information, special
encryptions, or any other formats which might prevent them from being deleted.
Data Management SOP - CDB Equipment Resource RESEARCH STORAGE
a. The CDB Equipment Resource offers an optional data storage service on the CDB Storage Area
Network (SAN) at the cost of $65/TB/month for any CDB Faculty.
b. The CDB SAN is divided between three volumes and has redundancy to prevent data loss if a
storage drive crashes.
c. Tape backups are run 2 – 3 times per week to backup recently added or modified files.
d. One full tape backup of the entire SAN is completed annually. Files which have not been
accessed for an extended period and have been archived to tape can be removed from the SAN
at this time.
e. All files can be retrieved from the tape archives by placing a request with the CDB IT Manager,
Marc Wozniak.
f. Tape backups are kept for eight years in a fireproof cabinet in a location TBD.
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