Environment Tips

Recycle Paper
Recycle Paper
Reuse old newspapers and
Reuse old newspapers and
magazines as bedding for your
cardboard boxes for art class
Fact: Recycled paper produces 60% less
Fact: If all our newspaper was recycled, we
pollution than when made from raw materials.
could save about 250,000,000 trees each year!
Recycle Glass
Recycle Glass
Bring bottles and jar to the
Reuse jars and bottles as
recycling bank and
storage containers
separate them by colour
Fact: Recycling one glass jar saves enough
Fact: A glass bottle would take 4000 years or
energy to watch T.V for 3 hours.
more to decompose
Recycle Plastic
Recycle Plastic
Reuse plastic tubs and
Reduce the amount of plastic
containers by decorating them
packaging that you buy and
reuse plastic bags when you go
Fact: Plastic waste kills up to 1 million sea
birds and 100,000 fish each year.
Fact: In 2002 the Irish government
introduced a 15 cent levy on all plastic bag
sales in shops
Recycle Wood
Recycle Wood
Reuse timber by making
Reuse wood shavings and saw
furniture and wooden
dust as bedding for your pets
Fact: The average person uses seven trees a
Fact: Wood from the ash tree is used to make
year in paper, wood, and other products made
from trees.
Recycle Clothing
Recycle Clothing
Donate old clothing to
Mend your clothes that are
charities and pass down your
slightly damaged and cut up old
clothes to younger children
clothes to use as rags
Fact: Buy only what you need. Buying fewer
clothes means less to throw away. It also
means that fewer clothes needs to be made by
Fact: We don’t have to stop using the earths
resources but we do have to stop wasting them
factories and less energy used to make them.
Reduce Paper Waste
Reduce Paper Waste
Place used paper into a
Use both sides of the
recycling bin
photocopying paper and reduce
And reuse cardboard boxes
the amount of toilet paper
for storage and shopping
Fact: Fact: A child uses 5,850 disposable
nappies in the first few years of their lives.
This weighs the same as an average family car.
Fact: For every tonne of paper used for
recycling 17 trees are spared
Reduce Energy Waste
Reduce Energy Waste
Switch off lights when they
Make sure the dishwasher and
are not needed or when it is
washing machine is full before
bright outside
turning it on
And use energy saving light
Fact: By hand washing clothes and dishes you
could save energy, water and money
Fact: Most homes still use the traditional
bulbs invented by Thomas Edison. These bulbs
only produce 10% light, the other 90% is
converted into heat. What a waste!!
Reduce Energy Waste
Reduce Energy Waste
Don’t leave your phone charger
Don’t leave your TV and
and other electrical products
computer on stand-by when
plugged in when they are not in
they are not in use
Fact: Some appliances use energy 24 hours a
Fact: If electrical appliances are not used
day, even when they are turned off.
safely they could start a fire
Reduce Energy Waste
Reduce Water Waste
Turn off the heat when it is
Don’t waste water by flushing
warm enough and keep doors
the toilet for no reason
and windows closed.
Fact: Much of this energy is not put to use.
Heat pours out of homes through drafty doors
and windows, and through ceilings and walls
that aren’t insulated.
Fact: One-third of the water used in most
homes is flushed down the toilet.
Reduce Water Waste
Reduce Water Waste
Don’t leave the water running
Collect and reuse rain water
and fix leaking taps
for animals, car washes and
watering plants…..etc
Fact: Leaks are the biggest water waster
around the home. A leak of one drop per
second wastes 2,400 gallons of water per year!
Fact: Water covers over 75% of the Earth’s
surface, and it is the most valuable of all the
Earths natural resources. Without it there
would be no life on earth: it is essential for
everything and everyone on our planet to grow.
Reduce Water Waste
Reduce Water Waste
Take a shower instead of a
Don’t pollute our rivers, lakes
and seas by throwing away your
as it uses less water
Fact: Water heating is the third largest
energy expense in your home. Heated water is
Fact: 1 gallon of used motor oil can ruin
approximately 1 million gallons of fresh water.
used for showers, baths, laundry, dishwashing
and general cleaning.
Reuse Compost Waste
Reuse Food Wastage
Put fruit and vegetable skins,
Use left over food to feed the
egg shells, wood shavings,
animals and birds
grass and tea bags into a
compost bin
Fact: Only 5.6% household waste was
recycled in Ireland in 2001.
Fact: Every year, each person throws out
about 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that
can be composted.
Reduce Air Pollution
Reduce Air Pollution
Share lifts and use public
Throw your rubbish in the bin
transport and walk or cycle to
and protect our animal, fish
and plant habitats from
as often as possible
Fact: High smoke levels increase health and
Fact: over 11,000 species of plants and
lung problems.
animals face extinction in the near future
Reduce Air Pollution
Reduce Air Pollution
Use solar and wind energy
Don’t burn toxic rubbish and
instead of using fossil fuels to
avoid using aerosols and CFC
heat your homes and schools
Fact: Coal is a mineral that was formed from
the remains of plants that died millions of
years ago.
Fact: Burning household rubbish is against the
law and if you are caught you could be fined
Recycle aluminium
Reuse paper
Bring aluminium cans and
Collect old postage stamps and
containers to the recycling
reuse wrapping paper and
bank as they can be melted
down and made into a new
Fact: Enough energy is saved by recycling one
aluminium can to light a 100 watt light bulb for
20 hours. 350,000 aluminum cans are
produced every minute!
Fact: About one fifth of a household dustbin
consists of paper and card. This is over 4kg of
waste paper per household each week.
Reduce air pollution
Collect and recycle used
Help our environment by
planting more trees which
mobile phones and ink
produces oxygen and gives us
fresh air to breathe
Fact: Up to 80% of our waste can be reused,
Fact: Trees are being cleared on development
recovered or recycled.
sites to make way for new houses, industries
and roads.