100 Luten Avenue  Staten Island, NY 10312   (718) 668-8800
Joseph Scarmato, Principal
September 2015
Dear Parents:
During the summer months, the staff works extremely hard to get ready for the new school
year. Everything finally comes together with the arrival of that first school day! The kids make the
school “come alive”! We had a wonderful opening to the school year; the seniors drove to school for
the first time and enjoyed their “arrival” as the graduating class. The freshmen, the Class of 2019, and
the new students to our building assimilated well. As I walked around the building, I was delighted to
see students and staff working together, forming new relationships and rekindling past ones. That is
the basis for success in the classroom!
I hope that you, too, will become involved in the total school program by joining some of the parent
organizations, attending the meetings listed on the school calendar, and being at many of the student
activities and events that we have planned. I encourage you to have a strong relationship with the staff
at Tottenville High School and to remain involved in your child’s high school career. Together, we can
enrich the program at THS and ensure that our students have many exciting opportunities.
We have a few new administrators/supervisors/coordinators at THS. Mr. William Reynolds has
assumed the assistant principal position who oversees data, accountability and assessment and Ms.
Rosalia Tierno has expanded her role as 9th grade coordinator as well as COSA. They join my team to
work with your children and staff and address any questions you may have about specific programs.
Furthermore, the following supervisors will be overseeing various grades and functions:
 Ms. Battista, Assistant Principal Science and 9th grade coordinator
 Ms. Kish, Assistant Principal Mathematics and 10th grade coordinator
 Mr. Scognamiglio, Assistant Principal Social Studies and 10th grade coordinator
 Ms. Castelli, Assistant Principal English and 11th grade coordinator
 Ms. Granite, Assistant Principal LOTE and 11th grade coordinator
 Ms. Mercil, AP ISS, Mr. Munson, AP PE/HE, Mr. LaMorte, APVPCA, 12 th grade coordinators
 Mr. Bloom, Assistant Principal Organization
 Mr. Pagliarulo, Assistant Principal Student Life
 Ms. Tranchina, Assistant Principal Pupil Personnel
Please encourage your children to get involved in the total school program. Upcoming meetings and
activities are announced each day during the morning announcements; the ninth grade students will
attend a Club Fair during their lunch period to learn more about the after school program. (Details to
follow.) If you have any questions about our PSAL sports program, please contact Mr. Daber, our Fall
athletic coordinator.
After the summer vacation, we are all establishing new routines at home. Please make sure your
children arrive to school on time (we open our doors at 7:30AM for a sharp 8AM start!) and encourage
seniors to leave home a little earlier, so they can avoid some of the traffic problems on Luten Avenue in
the morning. Also, if you drive your child to school, please leave plenty of time and move forward in the
drop-off line, so multiple cars can drop off students at the same time. This will help with traffic
I look forward to a fantastic school year and to sharing so many of our students’ and staff members’
accomplishments with you. It is a pleasure having your child as part of the Pirate Nation!
Mr. Scarmato, Principal