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Mrs B M Shiels [B Ed Hons, NPQH]
Thursday 19th March 2015
Dear Parents,
Witnessing a solar eclipse is a rare and amazing event which we want to make the most of for
our children tomorrow but without putting any one at risk. As you know we should never
look directly at the sun even when it is a partially eclipsed. Therefore our plans for tomorrow
are that Years1 - 6 are going to gather on the playground at approximately 9.15 and stand
with their backs to the sun so that they can observe how their shadow disappears. The
weather forecast is currently predicting an overcast morning for us but we will still take the
children out, stood with the sun behind them, and fingers crossed be able to observe how the
light fades and experience the unusual atmosphere that it creates. When the children return to
class they will be able to look at the news coverage and 'safe' close up images captured by
specialist cameras.
Children in Reception are going to remain in class and watch a live stream on TV whilst
their class teacher explains what is happening. Hopefully they will be able to see a difference
outside through the window.
So fingers crossed that we have clearer skies in the morning than are being predicted and that
we have a memorable morning in school witnessing a phenomenon that we won't witness
again in Britain until 2090!
Yours sincerely
B M Shiels
Head Teacher