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PAIR01 + HD Image + 2.5x Extender
incorporated in a 55x Zoom
At this years Counter Terror Expo in London, RICOH will be introducing its long range zoom lens with PAIR01
technology (Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction) plus HD resolution over HD-SDI output.
PAIR01 has received the ISC West 2010 Award ‘Best in Video Device’ award and we have now added to the
lens an internal electronic image stabilizer to optimize the video quality.
Product: H55ZCME-F-HD-PR01, ½” C Mount 55x Motorized Zoom
Identification over 650 m distance
The lenses zoom range is 12 to 66mm, and when the internal 2.5x extender is switched in, the focal length
increases to 30,5 to 1,680mm. With 1,680mm focal length at over 650 m distance, the field of view is 2.5m
by 1.9m. The extremely high magnification in combination with HD resolution means a person can be
identified at distances in excess of 650m. Therefore, this lens is ideal for video surveillance in sports
stadiums, city centers, air ports, harbours, as well as border control, intersections, city streets and highways.
Additional Features
HD Optics and HD electronics for HD-Video over HD-SDI output
Further advanced image optimizing functions: PAIR01
I. Image Stabilizer
Image Stabilization is extremely effective for long distance surveillance that often contains high levels of
vibration. RICOH offers an electrical control method along with the lens’ characteristics, with lower failure
rate compared to optical or mechanical methods.
II. Fog Reduction
Not only reducing the effects of liquid particles, like fog and rain, it also reduces interference caused by solid
particles such as smoke and sand.
RICOH offers this unique function whilst maintaining the colour image, which is important for identifying the
target, while the optical filter method only offers monochrome images by removing the visible light. It also
maintains the volume of light (brightness) as it does not reduce visible light.
Fog reduction level is automatically adjusted and optimized, plus backlight/white balance compensation with
Auto Focus enhancing the entire image quality.
III. Auto Focus
Auto Focus activated by mouse click, the average focusing speed is 4.5 seconds, the fastest Auto Focus speed
in its class, which helps the user overcome the difficulty of finding the focus at the hyper telephoto range.
IV. Internal 2.5x Extender
The original magnification of this zoom lens is 55x, but RICOH has incorporated an optical 2.5x extender,
which is electrically engaged into the lenses optics. With the extender engaged, the focal range increased to
30.5 mm to 1,680mm. Therefore, the magnification physically increases to 140x.
V. Night Image Enhancement
PAIR also offers Night Image Enhancement as „add ons“ to the compensation functions of the camera.
3. All-in-One
All functions are built into the lens, enabling a simple and more compact system installation without the
need for additional devices.
4. User Friendly
User friendly in both operation and cost when compared to separate stand alone devices.
RICOH exhibits at booth G38
in the Grand Hall
Fog: PAIR off
Storm: Image Stabilisation off
Image Stabilisation on
Night: Night Vision off
Night Vision on
About RICOH:
Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions,
document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in about
200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2013, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of
1,924 billion yen (approx. 20 billion USD).
The majority of the company's revenue comes from products, solutions and services that improve the
interaction between people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning digital cameras and
specialised industrial products. It is known for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its
customer service and sustainability initiatives.
Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change. Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and
harness the collective imagination of their employees.
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