End User Management

End User
Increasing productivity
by shifting the focus
from hardware to total
user experience
“Ricoh IT Services enabled an international law firm to increase efficiency
and reduce support costs by 30%.”
A challenge that affects every
modern-day business
Here’s how we can help you
to overcome it
When we reflect on the technology changes to the PC
and notebook over the last 15 years, we very quickly
see the significant change to the ‘end user’ experience.
Technology is on a curve that will see even more
innovation in the device space, as manufacturers
produce hardware that allows our personal and
corporate lives to converge.
In the 1990s it was all about the ‘hardware’. In the
2000s, the focus was on applications and whether
our corporate tools would work on Windows XP and,
latterly, Windows 7.
IT businesses are now more focussed on user
experience; regardless of whether it’s an iPad,
Windows laptop or Android tablet.
Corporate IT departments are now sitting across
a legacy estate of hardware, tools, backend
infrastructure and service desk processes that will
potentially be irrelevant to the bulk of their workforce
over the next 5 years and beyond.
‘Shadow IT’ is becoming an ever increasing worry
as CIOs look to transform their service delivery to an
increasingly demanding business workforce.
Businesses struggle to blend mobile device
management, security, and workable Bring Your Own
Device (BYOD) governance into their IT planning.
Fundamentally, the ability to control the end user
environment is significantly more important than
ever before. However, few businesses are ready for
the impact.
The ability to control the end user environment
is significantly more important than ever.
Businesses need to ensure they are fully
prepared for this change. But how do we
implement this?
New ways of working is our watch word at Ricoh,
and through our own workforce initiatives, we assist
our clients to understand their current state and the
future roadmap.
End user management
Increasing productivity by shifting the focus from
hardware to total user experience
We start by asking the right questions:
• How does your current end user strategy match
the changing workforce demands for mobility and
optimised experience?
• How do you manage the assets you deliver to
support the IT service?
• If mobility is important, how mature are is your
infrastructure, processes and support models to
deal with diversity of need?
Our end user solutions cover a wide range of
end user management challenges - including:
• End user device management
• Configuration management
• Mobile device management
Ricoh in action
Why Ricoh
A quick case study
This international law firm is one of the largest in
the world with almost 50 offices located around the
globe, ten of which are based in the UK. Its 5,000
staff provides a wide range services and specialisms to
the private and public sectors.
The challenge
Like most law firms, the organisation’s business
centres on documents. These need to be safely
shared, stored and transported across various
departments and offices within the organisation.
Document comparison is an essential tool, but the
company was relying on an elderly legacy program,
whilst the majority of calls to its IT support desk
involved corrupt document files.
Their core problems were: outdated software, no
longer supported by the manufacturer; legacy systems
that placed an increasing strain on IT support, and old
desktops that were increasingly expensive to maintain.
Ricoh is a global technology company specialising in
office imaging equipment, production print solutions,
document management systems and IT services.
Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change. Ricoh
helps companies transform the way they work.
This philosophy brings a truly innovative approach
to the four major cornerstones that all modern
businesses are focussing on: mobility, productivity,
agility and sustainability.
With Ricoh’s proven track record of enhancing the
technology that underpins business operations, you
can stay focused on your core activities with the
confidence that our team will ensure the performance
of your IT infrastructure and help you get maximum
value from your investment.
For further information, please visit: www.ricoh.co.uk
The solution
Ricoh ITS deployed a desktop environment upgrade
solution across all of the organisation’s UK offices,
replacing each PC in an overnight process. Staff
would come into work the following day to a new
desktop PC. Post deployment, Ricoh staff would ‘floor
walk’ the office, making sure that they were available
to answer any questions, and keeping in contact with
managers and trainers. Ricoh used the same small
core group of lead engineers at all the locations, with
additional engineers brought in locally where needed.
This ensured the firm’s staff always saw and dealt
with the same contacts.
The benefits
√ Seamless deployment with no downtime for staff
√ Estimated 30% reduction in IT support and
maintenance costs
√ Reduced volume of calls and pressure on
IT support
√ Personalised, hands-on service for users
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