Course Expectations Alg. II

Algebra II Honors 2012 - 2013
Mrs. Anna Guseilo
[email protected]
Welcome to College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) Algebra Connections Year 2! I am looking forward to
assisting you in the learning process, which includes taking risks and making mistakes along the way. I have high
expectations for your motivation and achievement this year.
1. To build a strong foundation for the study of higher mathematics.
2. To explore and develop a conceptual understanding of Algebra 2 by: investigating new situations,
discovering relationships and figuring out strategies to apply to problems.
3. To apply algebraic concepts to real-world situations.
4. To use the graphing calculator as a tool to explore the concepts of Algebra 2.
5. To think and write about math.
It is very important to be in class each day, because mathematics is cumulative by nature. The more you miss,
the more pressure you will put on yourself to catch up with the rest of the class. However, if you do miss a class
it is your responsibility to make up the missed work. Keep in mind that it is impossible to make up discussion,
participation and interaction with classmates. When you return to class after an absence, you must come to class
with all assigned homework and activities completed.
Please email me if you are absent and have questions on the lesson or homework: [email protected]
Grading Policy:
Grades will NOT be rounded.
Grade Weighting and Assignments:
 70% Individual Assessments – (Chapter tests and individual quizzes)
 15% Team Tests and Quizzes – (team tests, homework/small quizzes, and graded assignments)
 15% Coursework – (homework, participation, presentations, group assignments, etc..)
Assignments: Homework and Coursework
- Some assignments will be spot checked for points.
- Some assignments will be collected and graded.
- Late work is accepted but will not be given full credit.
Required Materials – By the end of the first week of school.
Mandatory – 3-ring binder for: homework, coursework, math notes and other important documents.
Graph paper ONLY!!! This is the best paper for homework and graphing.
Soft cover textbook (covered) to be brought to class daily.
Graphing calculator: TI-84 plus, TI-84, TI-83, or TI-nspire (not the CAS version)
Pencils with erasers, colored pen or highlighter to correct work
Extra Help/Homework Information
Please seek extra help as soon as you are experiencing difficulty.
 I am available most days before school in the math office (7:20 to 7:40 am).
 Math teachers are available in the Math Lab (located in the Media Center) during most periods.
 National Honor Society tutors are available in the Math Lab.
Weekly Homework Assignments
 My weekly lessons are posted online. You will find the lesson (topic) for the day, homework, upcoming
tests and quizzes. To get to my page follow these steps:
o Go to
o Choose Schools tab then select Solon High School
o Scroll down to my name (Anna Guseilo)
o Choose Honors Algebra II – Calendar of Events
Directions to getting homework help
 I will provide homework solutions for each chapter with your math notes.
 is a site that has solutions to the homework problems. Use it as a learning tool.
1. go to
2. Look on the left hand side – STUDENT SUPPORT – then click on Homework Help
3. Find our book, Algebra 2 Connections, click on it – (Not Core Connections)
4. Select a chapter, select a problem number, and use hints as necessary (you may need to click multiple
times to get to the solution).
Classroom Expectations
Dedication, enthusiasm, strong effort and a positive attitude.
Be ready to begin class when the bell rings, and expect to work hard.
Follow all school rules – No cell phones in class unless directed by the teacher.
Participate in class and group discussions, take notes and ask questions.
Be patient with and respectful of your group members.
Do (and take pride in) your own work: cheating is never honest. Be aware that sharing information
about a test or quiz is a form of cheating. There is also a difference between working together and
Students who choose not to abide by the class expectations will receive a teacher detention. Detentions must be
served in the morning (7:20-7:40). Further problems may result in a phone call to your parent/guardian,
additional detentions, and/or an administrative referral.
Classroom Procedures
A good deal of class time will be spent working in groups. I will support you as you work, but I will not
take away your opportunity to think and investigate for yourself.
Any backpacks, bags, purses, and other personal items must remain on the floor.
No headphones in the classroom – they will be confiscated and turned into administration.
NO BATHROOM PASSES (as requested by the administration), please go on your way to class. There
are 2 bathrooms you must pass to get to Room 102 [pool lobby and locker room], do not ask me to go.
Food and drink are NOT permitted in this classroom. Water is the only expectation.
Complete homework assignments and be prepared for class the next day. “Today’s preparation determines
tomorrow’s achievement.”
Graphing calculators are NOT to be used as a game-playing device in class.
Keys to Success
Do homework daily.
Ask your team members for help and always be willing to help your teammates.
Helping does not mean giving answers and learning does not mean copying.
Work together, learn together.
Stay organized and work hard 