Università degli Studi di Torino

Università degli Studi di Torino
PhD Opportunity in Alpine Ornithology
at the University of Turin
Mountain environments tend to be hotspots of biodiversity
and endemism, yet high altitude habitats are facing a
number of severe pressures which threaten the integrity of
the alpine ecosystem, such as climate change, changes in
management of livestock and increasing human disturbance.
We are seeking a PhD student to assess the link between
vegetation structure and bird distributions in the transition
zone between the forest and open grassland at c. 2200m in
the Italian Alps. This area has a high biodiversity and
structural complexity, but it has been little studied, despite
potential threats of climate change and land abandonment.
The PhD will be supervised by Prof Antonio Rolando and Dr Dan Chamberlain of
the Ecology Group, within the Department of Biology. This PhD is open to any
students holding a science degree in Ecology, Zoology or a related subject that has
been obtained outside Italy. We are seeking strongly motivated candidates that
ideally have some experience of ecological fieldwork, good analytical skills and are
able to work independently under challenging conditions.
To apply, please contact Dan Chamberlain before 6th June 2015
(dan.chamberlain99@gmail.com, tel. +39 011 6704534). The PhD is due to start in
October 2015 and will be fully funded for a duration of three years.
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