Dual Enrollment Program Parental Permission Form

Dual Enrollment Program Parental Permission Form
I hereby authorize
to enroll in the Dual Enrollment Program at the
Student’s name
University of West Georgia beginning _____________________.
Month, Year
Student’s Date of Birth
Student’s SS#
I understand the minimum admissions requirements for the Dual Enrollment Program are:
1. SAT critical reading score of 430 or ACT English score of 17.
2. SAT math score of 410 or ACT math score of 17.
3. A combined score (without the writing section) of an SAT 970 or ACT 20
4. High school academic grade point average of 3.0 as computed in college prep courses.
5. On track to complete and graduate with college prep high school diploma.
6. Not required to be screened for any Learning Support courses.
I further understand that the Dual Enrollment Program is for high school juniors and seniors,
and these students are not eligible to live in campus residence halls.
Please note that Dual Enrollment Program students who wish to continue their college course
work at West Georgia following high school graduation, must reapply for admissions and
submit a final high school transcript showing date of high school graduation and completion of
a college prep diploma.
Signature of Parent
Please return form to:
University of West Georgia
Office of Admissions
Mandeville Hall- Front Campus Drive
Carrollton, GA 30118
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