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1. If Santa dropped presents off at all of our lifeboat stations on Christmas Eve, how many
stops would he have to make? 237
2. Santa has eight reindeers but how many lifeguards do we have – is it a) 800 , b) 1,100 or c)
3. What percentage of the RNLI are volunteers? A) 70%, B) 85% or C) 95%
4. This year an illustration to show how we will be achieving our Business Plan was launched,
what was it called? A) The Big Rescue, B) The Big Picture or C) The Big Wheel
5. On average, parents spend £312 per child on Christmas. How much does it cost to train an
individual crew member each year?
A) £1,250 £1,527 C) £2,000
6. Traditionally, what do Santa’s reindeer like people to leave out on Xmas Eve? A) a kebab B) a
carrot C) a sausage
7. The Big Christmas Rescue can be personalised, so that the reader is at the heart of the story.
The buyer can select the name, gender and skin tone of the lead character. But what
percentage of orders last year were personalised to have a boy as a lead character? A) 68%
B) 61% or C) 56%
8. Over the festive period (from 24 Dec 2014 to 1 January 2015 – how many time were RNLI
lifeboat crews launched? A) 104 times, B) 74 times or C) 54 times
9. This year, The Big Christmas Rescue is available in hardback. How much does it cost? A)
12.95, B) 14.95 [correct answer] or C) 17.95
10. What was Macaulay Culkin’s character called in the Home Alone Christmas movies? A) Kevin
McCallister, B) Gary McAllister or C) Kevin McCloud
11. Christmas is a time of year to be safe and with your loved ones. How many near misses and
hazards were reported at the RNLI by staff in the first 6 month this year after the Safety Get
On Board campaign launched? The closest guess wins! 617
12. Name all Santa’s reindeers? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen
and Rudolf
13. How many copies of ‘The Big Christmas Rescue’ did the RNLI sell last year? A)10,500 B)
12,693 OR C) 14,930
14. The North Pole, said to be Santa's home, is located in which ocean? Arctic Ocean
15. In the song 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas', how many swans were a-swimming? A) six, B)
seven C) eight