Battlefield Cell Virus Attacks

Battlefield Cell Virus Attacks
1. How many cells does each human have?
2. How many types of cell are there?
3. How small is each human cell.
4. Describe how proteins keep our cells functioning smoothly.
5. How do proteins know what to do?
6. What is DNA responsible for?
7. Which specialized blood cells monitors the rest of our cells for signs of infection or damage?
8. What is the adenovirus? What does it do?
9. What is a virus's goal?
10. What happens when a virus reaches a cell's nucleus?
11. What do antibodies do?
12. What do endosomes do?
13. What do mitochondria do?
14. Where are the motor proteins in the cell? Describe the function of the motor proteins.
15. What do ribosomes do? How does a virus change that?
16. What happens to a cell when its DNA becomes paralyzed by a virus?
17. What keeps a virus from spreading?
18. On the back: Illustrate the most interesting part of the video. Label.