What Kid`s Pledge to the Earth!

My Pledge to the Earth
 Strengthen the recycling laws
Troop 738-GS
 Clean animals that have been in the sea tilled with oil
 Diligenty recycle the thousands of H2O bottles I use
 Feed the animals Clean up after dogs Rake leaves
 Is to clean up a beach
 That if I see trash on the ground I will pick it up
 I pledge to use re-usable grocery bags
 I will not litter on ground or in the water
 I will not litter I will not wast water when I brush my teeth
 Ride a bike instead of riding a car
 After you use water or light turn it off
 I shut off water when brush teeth
 I pick up trash on your walks
 Picking up trash and not littering
 Use reusable water bottles
 Help endangered animats so hunters do not kill them off Grl Scart # 738
 I would turn off the television when I’m not using it
 Plant a beautiful tree
 I promise to compost all of the extra salad
 Don’t waste ! Composre!
 Sazei watee Plants Clean house with natural stuff
 My mom and dad till me to put the stuff in the ereseci
 Eat Local! Plant a veggre garden!
 I pledge to do what ever I m bld and trun of light when I m not in the room
 Turn lights off
 Run
 I would fececlye. I Would save light energy
 You can recyle help people
 I would recycle I would not waste water
 I will clean the beaches this year
 Plant a tree
 I pledge to not litter
 I could reaiy
 Pick up the trash, Don’t litter
 To clen the Earth
 Don’t waste water
 Is to recycle
 To feed the birds
 I will pick up litter
 Plent a tree
 No littering Plant seeds
 Plant a tree
 I will pick up trash
 I will shut of the TV and lights
 To recycle all the time
 Not letter and clean up!
 I will recyle to keep up earth clean
 Recycle
 Recycle
 Recycle
 Would be the recycle and conserve water sheira costasile
 Save water Recyle Turn light
 Pick up Trash
 I will never throw govig awt the window
 Plant a flower
 Pledatee
 Don’t cut down trees!
 To not literand liter in the trush
 Clean up litter recycle
 Recycle and keep it clean
 I will received and pick up garbage
 I would grow trees
 I will recycle pick up garbage around the neighborhood
 My pledge to the Earth is to recycle
 I will keep it clean
 Help ryclyle
 I will pick up all the trash in the Ocean
 I will recycle as much as I can. And I will keep the earth clean.
 By planting more trees
 I will reesikcle
 I Pledg to the earth to recycle no van Hanley
 Plant
 Clean up the Earth
 I Pledge
 I would put my paper in the recycle bin
 We can recycle things and clean all of the beaches
 Save water recycle turn off lights
 Save water
 We will clean up the ocean and the land
 Recycle
 Turn off water
 Poht liter Sam
 Pick up trash
 Pick up trash
 Help bi gardening Help planting trees
 Plant a tree shay kilroy