Week 1 July 1st - Landmark East School


Landmark East Summer Camps

We are excited to be offering SUMMER CAMPS to the local community this summer!

Landmark East Camps are designed for students with language and learning differences.

Camps are led by qualified professional Landmark East Teaching staff and provide a safe learning environment for your child. These camps will give your child a chance to build relationships while learning exciting new things.

 Camps will run for 3 hours a day from 9am to 12 noon, or 1pm -4pm, Monday to


 Each camp will cost $150.00.

 Students should bring a snack for each camp.

 Students should bring a lunch if staying a full day. ( Lunches will not be provided by

 the school)

Camps designed for students grade 6 to 12

Exploring Technology Camp

Instructor: Andrew Seymour

Robotics rule!

Be prepared to design and build your own dragster, submarine or crane! Will your design be the best? Are you up for the challenge?

Drama Camp

Instructor: Holly Mederios

Step into the spotlight ! This high energy camp that will challenge your inner actor with improve, scene building, and character development. Don’t be shy it’s time to shine

Exploring Math and Science Camp

Instructor: Amanda Lombard

Brainiacs be ready!

This is your chance to learn new ways to solve problems while exploring the wonderful worlds of Math and science .

Sports Camp

Instructor: Mike Elliott

Get Fit!

Prepare for fun-filled days of hiking, biking, field games such as geocaching, soccer, softball, cricket, rollerblading, and floor hockey. Swimming will be offered at lifeguard supervised beaches.

Come each day prepared for hiking.



Registration and payment details:

Please complete the registration form below.

Each camp costs: $150.00

Payment Options:

Must be paid in full by June 14th.

Cash or Cheque.

Cheque should be made out to Landmark East School

Please drop off cheque directly to Janet Cooper at Landmark East School’s front office.

Credit card Payments

Call Janet Cooper at (902) 542-2237.

We accept Visa or Mastercard, (2% service fee automatically applied to credit card).

Office hours are 9am-5pm

Confirmation of enrollment will be made via telephone.

Camps designed for students grade 6 to 12


Time Week 1

July 1st - 5th

Week 2

July 8th-12th

Week 3

July 15th-19th



Drama Camp Exploring Tech Camp

Sports Camp

Landmark East Summer Camp 2013

Registration Form

Student Name:____________________________________

Parent or Guardian:________________________________



Phone #’s: Home _____________ Cell ______________ Emergency Contact ____________

Current School __________________________________ Grade____________


Week 1

July 1st - 5th

Week 2

July 8th-12th

Week 3

July 15th-19th





Please contact Mark Mayer at Landmark East School if you have any questions regarding summer camps.


Mark Mayer

Deputy Headmaster

(902) 542-2237, ext: 255