in house course information

Tenant Central 2015/16
Hosting an in-house course
Tenant Central is able to support 48 housing organisations with an in house session.
This provides a FREE days training locally for tenants who want to improve their
skills or knowledge for involvement. Sessions can be for tenants of one or more
We want to hear from tenants and or organisations who would benefit from training
and want to arrange a session to suit them. A list of example courses is available at . but this is not
exhaustive. If you don’t see a course that suits your needs then talk to us.
We ask that you:
 arrange for at least 8 and up to15 tenants to attend
 make sure that the venue meets the required accessibility features (for more
information contact TPAS)
 provide a suitable sized training room for the number of delegates who are
attending, preferably laid out in cabaret style or a U shape
 provide refreshments for breaks and appropriate food including lunch or tea
 provide equipment including flip chart, lap top, data projector and screen
 let us know if any of the delegates have any specific requirements
 advise the delegates that they will be asked to complete a sign in sheet, an
equality monitoring form, a learner action plan and a feedback questionnaire
We are keen to support those landlords and tenants who did not access the 2013 –
15 programme and in particular those whose approach to tenant involvement would
really improve with the help of Tenant Central. 50% of the course allocation is for
organisations new to Tenant Central in house training.
Under this programme organisations are entitled to one free training session. The
training is free to tenants. If staff or board members want to attend then there will
usually be a charge of £100 per delegate. However this may be waived in advance if
it would benefit the outcome of the training.
To express your interest in hosting a Tenant Central Course please complete the ‘In
House Expression of Interest Form’.
The Tenant Central programme 2015-16 will also include regional events, regional
accredited training and E learning so there will be other opportunities to benefit from
Tenant Central even if your application for in house training is not successful.
If you require more information about Tenant Central please contact:
Tel: 0161 868 3500
TPAS 4B Trafford Plaza, 73 Seymour Grove, Manchester M16 0LD