Private landowner / Tenant Farmer Consent Form

Private Landowner / Tenant Farmer Consent Form
Name of Property
(also see attached plan)
Proposed Date(s) of visit(s) by Project Team
Contact Names & Details
SRP Contact
I, ___________________________________________ hereby give consent to the members
of the Project Team to carry out a non-intrusive survey within the bounds of the above
named property on or between the dates stated, on the following terms and conditions.
1. Access. By means agreed with the owner / tenant only.
2. All gates to be left as found or by prior agreement.
3. No litter to be left.
4. All persons will be fully responsible for their own conduct and actions whilst engaged
on project related tasks. Any injuries sustained whilst present on site will be the
volunteer’s own responsibility.
5. No other public access to be encouraged unless specifically agreed beforehand.
6. Landowners and Tenant Farmers will be provided with copies of any reports relating
to and generated by work carried out on their land by request.
7. Contact details of all active fieldwork volunteers will be kept by the Project Leader.
8. The way in which the Project findings may be publicised should be agreed with the
landowner / tenant in advance.
9. The chance recovery of any artefacts recovered during fieldwork are subject to Scots
Treasure Trove Law and as such may be claimed by the Crown – a process which lies
outside the control of project members.
Signed _______________________________________________________
Signed __________________________________________________
Date _____________________________________________________
Project Leader
Landowner / Tenant