Year 8 Science Homework Project –The Rock Cycle
Outline of Project:
There is a continual process in which rocks are recycled over many years into new rocks. The three types of
rock are linked together by processes that constantly supply and transform the Earth’s materials. These
processes are summarised in the rock cycle. Your task is to prepare a presentation – ‘Rocky the rocks journey’.
This can be in the form of a powerpoint, video, cartoon, song etc
three types of rock formed?
Cross-Curricular elements:
What I’m looking for is for you to be able to explain why and how the formation of all rocks are linked
together in a cycle.
o All pupils will be able to name three types of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, and describe
some characteristics of each rock. They will also be able to explain that high temperature and pressure can
change existing rocks into other types of rocks.
o Most pupils will be able to describe and explain how sediment becomes sedimentary rock, describe the
conditions under which metamorphic rock is formed, and how igneous rock forms from crystallised magma.
They will also be able to relate crystal size to the rate of cooling and use the distinctive characteristics of
rocks to distinguish between igneous, metamorphic and igneous rocks.
o Some pupils will be able to explain in terms of the particle model how different rates of cooling lead to
different crystal sizes, and bring together physical and chemical processes to explain the formation of
different types of rocks and the rock cycle. They will also be able to relate composition to the process of
Week 1 (commencing 3/6/13 ):
The project will be introduced and
Each student will:
Week 2 (commencing 10/6/13):
This week the students will:
Week 3 (commencing 17/6/13):
Students will:
Week 4 ( commencing 24/6/13):
Students will:
Week 5 (commencing 1/7/13):
Students will:
collate all the parts to create the rock cycle.
Week 6 (commencing 8/7/13):
Students will:
-in completed project to science teacher.